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  1. cwormet

    SOLD Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 BT

  2. cwormet

    SOLD Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 BT

    Selling my Swarovski Z3 4-12x50 BT 4W Scope. Includes all original packaging, lenses covers, manuals, and BT Tool. Clean with no scratches on glass. Scope does have 2 marks from mounting behind the objective lenses. Asking $725 Shipped OBO. PayPal G&S only. Message or reply with questions or...
  3. cwormet

    30-06 Brand recommendation

    Tikka would be an excellent choice. Very lightweight and known shooters. Bergaras are nice, shoot good and have better stocks but are heavy. If you’re looking at lower price point Ruger Americans aren’t bad.
  4. cwormet

    Budget Bow - Trick it out or leave it be?

    You can always transfer accessories to a new better bow. If you know what you want buy it and keep it for a while. A good rest would be my first upgrade, one of the most important parts of the bow.
  5. cwormet

    What Bino harness are you running

    Absolutely love my Marsupial. Has ran awesome with my Vortex and a pair of Swaros I tried.
  6. cwormet

    Looking for rangefinder for mountain rifle hunting

    I have a Razor 4000 I like quite a bit. I like it for archery too because it gives you 1/10 readings within about 250 yards.
  7. cwormet

    2021 MT Archery Pronghorn

    Congratulations! Closest we got was 50 yards spot and stalk, always a blast.
  8. cwormet

    South Dakota antelope hunt

    We did try, but it only worked on one occasion in tall grass.
  9. cwormet

    South Dakota antelope hunt

    I went last year for bow and am going again this year. Overall very difficult as the grass very rarely more than a few inches and the terrain mostly is flat. We had close to 30 stalls on our trip but only a few did we have a big terrain advantage.
  10. cwormet

    Archery Spot and Stalk Hunt: How many arrows to bring?

    I’m heading out west this year to South Dakota or Montana for an Antelope in Late-Summer. I’m curious to know anyone’s experiences with how many arrows they went through on this type of hunt. I am contemplating getting 1 or 2 dozen arrows. Thanks
  11. cwormet

    First DIY Antelope Hunt Advice

    2 points for archery? Or for rifle?
  12. cwormet

    First DIY Antelope Hunt Advice

    Hi, I am a resident from Wisconsin and am planning an archery antelope hunt with a couple of friends out to South Dakota next year. We are planning on hunting for the opener which is Mid-August. We intend on hunting spot and stalk with decoys for the time we are there. We are not looking for...

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