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  1. ammo

    Lets talk portable backpack gear SOLAR charging.

    My husband and I each carry a Jackery that gets us through a 10-day hunt (our phones - in low power mode / airplane mode - which are our cameras and GPS). Maybe you have too much stuff that needs a recharge? I carry a set of backup batteries for my headlamp. If your inreach is fully charged you...
  2. ammo

    To many pesky deer

    My uncle had a fawn tag one year in upstate NY and it was the best meat I've ever eaten!
  3. ammo

    Would you shoot Alf?

    I think this thread should be titled 'Would you eat Alf?'
  4. ammo

    Row v Wade

    Definitely up to the fisherwoman. My river, my choice ✊
  5. ammo

    Landscapes (pics)

  6. ammo

    Dog Food

    +1 for Fromms Gold. Our dog "works" at a ski area so in the winter -- she tends to lose more weight we also give her elk scraps, eggs, cheese, and Stella/Chewy meal mixers so she doesn't go skin and bones. She's back to her soft summer body though so she's on her summer bikini diet :) We've also...
  7. ammo

    Sunday Pic of the Day

  8. ammo

    Long Skis value

  9. ammo

    Great social media posts..

  10. ammo

    Stanley Cup Beard / Elk Hunting Beard

    The group of guys I was hunting with a few years back shaved their beards into ridiculous mustaches right before we all hiked in. I may live in Colorado but the Wings will forever live in my heart. When I played competitive hockey in highschool we used to turn all the lights off and dance to...
  11. ammo

    Another CO unit 76 question

    It's a cool unit! Got my first elk there. Definitely rugged. If I had preference points it's definitely a unit for good trophy bulls. Ironically I remember both years we had a hard time finding the ladies (had cow tags). Lots of terrain so folks can spread out. If you see a TH with a horse...
  12. ammo

    Elk art... need inspiration

    🎶 I use antlers in aaaallll of my decoooraaaating 🎶 The shed is one of the biggest I ever found - and we live in a very old house in Denver (build in 1893) so it was a great piece for the funky non-existent fireplace jut in the wall. The cow skull is the one I had over my bed growing up since I...
  13. ammo

    Rainbow Gathering picks Routt County

    👏 yes.
  14. ammo

    Rainbow Gathering picks Routt County

    Whether you're a hippie, a brap-brapper (our name for 4wheel / dirtbikers), a climber, or a hunter - pick up your f*kin trash. We're friends with a community that organized a large (1000+) camping/hippie festival in Southern Colorado a few weeks ago. I toyed with the idea of going but ended up...
  15. ammo

    Snake Avoidance Training

    After our pup encountered a rattlesnake on a trail (was interested then ran after us as we were trail running) we took her to one of these and it was great. Same deal. She had never been shocked by an e-collar before and jumped about 7 feet in the air. Cabelas/Bass Pro usually does a few of...
  16. ammo

    Preferred Pronouns

    'Follow Your Arrow' was another one I was going to post on this thread :)
  17. ammo

    Preferred Pronouns

    🎶 mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy 🎶
  18. ammo

    What Bino harness are you running

    AGC and love it. I was looking for something that integrated directly into a daypack because it seems really silly to me to have a harness for your binos that is completely separate from your backpack. Like, too many straps. I got the Classic Max paired with the Scout backpack. Fits the binos...

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