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  1. mmazour

    Ask your onX Hunt questions here!

    That was it! Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. mmazour

    Ask your onX Hunt questions here!

    May have been asked before, but couldn't find it. In certain areas, I get the satellite view when zoomed out, but when I zoom in closer, it swictches to a BLM-style map, and I lose the terrain. I fairly recently upgraded to the full nationwide membership, and i THINK I have the layers right...
  3. mmazour

    Drew Wyoming Area 100

    Most all elk in 100 are resident...they live in the red desert. And except for a few over by Green River, those pivots by Farson/Eden are the only irrigated agriculture in the unit. So the lopers and elk flock to them and they have created this hunt to provide some pressure relief on that area.
  4. mmazour

    I want to kill a Mt. Lion

    Just to add on - WY has a lot of cats. And if you are willing to go "on-call" when the conditions are good and not booking a 6-day deal guessing on the weather, many guys will go cheaper (like $2k cheaper or so) than the prices listed above. The houndsmen usually have enough other...
  5. mmazour

    Duck Bacon

    I've been meaning to try this for awhile and glad I did with some plump mallards I shot over New Years. I followed the DU recipe pretty much, but added some maple syrup and glazed with maple syrup while smoking. You are missing out if you don't try this at some point. Duck Bacon (
  6. mmazour

    40 Mile Air - Free Hunt

    Cool to see this thread come through and great offer from the OP - glad it worked out. Share how it goes next fall.
  7. mmazour

    Cow Elk Hunt WY-31

    Good luck!! Getting to be a good amount of spikes in those desert elk herds, so be sure to scan the headgear. Have fun!
  8. mmazour

    Nebr Muzzleloader Loper

    Finally notched my muzzleloader antelope tag this last Saturday. I had put in a lot of days and miles…and I had missed a REALLY BIG one early in the season, only to find out later that my gun was off from getting dropped earlier in the day. 13 clicks of adjustment later, and lots of miles behind...
  9. mmazour

    Coastal ducks - taste

    I hunted sea ducks for 4 days with an outfitter in NW Washington, and he had them all made into pepperoni sticks. These birds were mostly scoters, as the "one" halrequin you are allowed most people take as a trophy. We at the sticks every day and even took some home on the plane since they were...
  10. mmazour

    Weapon for mnt lion hunt?

    They all work. I packed a crossbow through snowy trees for several days and that sucked! Agree that the chase is where it is at. I ended up killin with handgun since just wasn't an ethical bow shot. Think more about packability and being in shape for the chase. While handgun worked, I have...
  11. mmazour

    How long do I have? Head in garage!

    You should be smelling it by now, hide will keep it contained a bit. But time is a ticking. And maggots be starting. All in your tolerance for "how much smell" On one of my last elk, a guy in town was doing them decent and fairly cheap, so I took it to his house 3-4 days after I killed...
  12. mmazour

    Cow Elk Hunt WY-31

    Follow the above advice on canyons off of little mountain. 30, 31, 32 and the units north of there are very open units with limited bull tags. Glass some and you should be fine on finding cows and might get to see some whopper bulls that hang out in there. Share how it goes.
  13. mmazour

    Game Bags?

    Only use bags for the cape on lopes to contain hair and let it cool. For lopers in WY, I gutless and toss on a tarp and then either into cooler as quarters or debone and straight into Ziplocks, depending on hunt duration, cooler space, etc.
  14. mmazour

    Alaska for the paranoid

    I've flown in Beavers, Otters, Piper Cubs and super cubs, float planes, and tundra tires...and even a helicopter in northern Quebec. All were a rush and an experience for sure, but never did I feel unsafe. On hunts in the lower 48, I've rolled an ATV a few thousand feet down a mountain, and...
  15. mmazour

    What's on the smoker today?

    Came out awesome. Been using this polish recipe for years with all game meats, and the lion meat was fine - just the same as pork loin.
  16. mmazour

    What's on the smoker today?

    Lion Dogs - Smoked polish sausage with mainly lion meat, some leftover mallard and a bit of pork and cheddar.
  17. mmazour

    Bird Retrieval

    Agree on above. Work on recall first without bird. Then work on retrieve...and you can do a light force fetch. You just need a table or some place to work (I used a top of a doghouse with a short lead tied to the kennel), and a dog that is eager for bumpers or something fun to retrieve, and...
  18. mmazour

    Mountain Lion the other other white meat

    Fully agree. It is great stuff! Hauled mine out whole and kept it all. Was along on a few other hunts where cats were tubed and left behind...had I only know, I wouldve gladly packed them out. I have a bone in rear quarter that I am going to try to smoke whole and then wrap in foil and see...
  19. mmazour

    Wyoming Elk Area 7 -- Difficult access? Confused...

    The big groups of cows do move around in area 7 for sure, and depending on dates, be looking at the HMAs you an apply for when they open up. And keep in mind that some of the HMAs are limited so do some research. Biologists there are definitely willing to help with cow harvest and will give...
  20. mmazour

    Black Hills Natl Forest South Dakota PUBLIC LAND Merriams. Need some help :)

    The southern hills, Custer area, with plenty of NF west of town should be good for you. likely better in May as flocks break up from winter "residences " and head more up in hills.
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