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  1. photofin

    Over The Counter Elk - Colorado style

    Hope you guys are in the thick of them this morning! And with light. While it sucks big time for Randy it sucks just as much for Dirk....nothing worse than telling Randy "no light" when there is a legal bull in front of him, and nothing sucks worse for Randy than dealing with the camera iris...
  2. photofin

    New Mexico Archery Elk - New ground, same game.

    Making us look bad I tell you. Camera guys.....they are a pain in the butt. If Randy wouldn't have beat me up so bad hiking on our last trip I'd fly down and help. Sorry to hear this man.
  3. photofin

    MT archery elk - We're baaack!

    Trust me we each brought our own food. All randy has eaten so far is pb&j. Ran into a bruiser this morning but couldn't get the wind to cooperate. After 3 hrs of tromping thru the lumber we are finally chilling for a bit.
  4. photofin

    AZ Pronghorn - A lifetime dream

    good luck guys....hope you stay cool.
  5. photofin

    Milk River Velvet Bucks-Very Sad

    I've heard similar results from guys near Glasgow.....not good. Crazy extremes in weather this year....hopefully some survive.
  6. photofin

    New Mexico Pronghorn - ACT III

    good luck Bugler.....hope you stop being so fussy and shoot.
  7. photofin

    Alaska Black Bear - Part II

    yeah but don't tell randy. The water there was definitely a bit off nobody noticed.
  8. photofin

    Alaska Black Bear - Part II

    Pics Randy did his part in telling the story. Here are a few more pics to share of the trip. Great trip...and it will make a great episode.
  9. photofin

    Big Fin Sighting

    its the camera guys that are snoooty
  10. photofin

    Living with Buffalo

    I hear you on the movement of Bison through the upper paradise is a shot of a bull in Gardiner enjoying the first greens of the year! As much as it sucks dealing with mowing over the bison pies it's great seeing bison with a little more elbow room to range in the winter. And...
  11. photofin

    Alaska Black Bear - Part II

    Too late Randy....I read the post. Packing the rods!
  12. photofin

    Congrats Big Fin!

    congrats Randy that's awesome. Lawnboy and I will be sure pass along our views to you to pass on up the line:)
  13. photofin

    First Edits of Season Three

    LOL...I rest my to knitting class...I mean stealth class.
  14. photofin

    First Edits of Season Three

    must be the cameraman talent...Loren and I spend 290 days in intensive stealth classes in the off season prepping for OYO...the host and guests should try it. The key was actually to have the guys stay a hundred yards or so in front of us, as IdahoBugler said...workes like a we just...
  15. photofin

    First Edits of Season Three

    Originally Posted by Horn Seeker View Post From the looks of that clip...stating the obvious here...there was also a cameraman flanking you? ANd that buck just laid there and watched and got up and then laid back down?? Big Fin Posted Yup. A cameraman with a big camera on a five foot tall...
  16. photofin

    My 1000 lb. Christmas present

    Bart you have my vote regarding the value of horses and mules? Next season we should film the whole OYOA series via horseback! Good luck convincing sir hikes a lot.
  17. photofin

    Kansas Whitetails - The Reckoning

    famous last words...sorry for jinxing you guys on the weather.
  18. photofin

    Kansas Whitetails - The Reckoning

    looks like you guys are way to warm....Loren has his gloves off filming! Definitely not the same conditions as 2 years ago. Good luck.
  19. photofin

    New Mexico - Cody's first elk hunt

    Coming from a cinematographer's point of view(such as Lorens) I'd say the challenge of his job just increased 100-fold. Total bummer on the t-pod. Hope you guys can still make it of luck.
  20. photofin

    Pics from OYO MT archery hunt

    Normal setting on the camera for the sunset shots, just set exposure for the sky. As for the lens I used a 17-24 wide angle. A big elk rack on Randy's back would have looked cool in the shot!! Next time.

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