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    CB Radio in hunting rig

    Anyone still have a CB radio in their hunting rig? My aunt gave me the two my uncle had after he passed away and I had one of em checked out and put it in my truck with a good antenna. I found em easier to use when a bunch of us head out west instead of cell phones whenever we needed to make...
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    Fletching arrows today

    Taking the opportunity to refletch some Axis 5mm shafts for the upcoming season here in Ohio. My dad got this Blitzenburger jig sometime in the early 80’s and it still works as good as the day he got it. I had to replace the clamp last year and also replaced the springs and bearings in the knock...
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    Found ammo today! 🙌🏻

    Lucked out and got 2 boxes each of 300 WSM & 450 Marlin ammo. This will be saved for hunting season.
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    Idaho Frank Church Wilderness Spring Bear

    What’s the bear hunting like in the Frank Church Wilderness? I’m coming out for a spring bear hunt and have always wanted to hunt the Frank. If I don’t fill the tag I can give it another shot in the fall in another unit.
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    160 gr Accubond for 7mm-08

    Worked this load up last year for my 7mm-08 with a 160 gr AB using a near max load of H4831 SC. Most accurate load out of all the billets I tried! gonna put it to use on a 2021 spring bear hunt in Idaho. The hole on the lower right is from my 22-250.
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    Blitzenburger Customer service 👍🏻

    After 39 years of use, I had to finally replace the springs for the nock receiver and called Blitzenburger’s customer service and they sent me new springs & bearings free of charge! She’s like brand new again! Have a new clamp on the way too from Lancaster Archery.

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