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  1. Goatshoes

    Fish Measuring 10’7” Fork Length Caught and Gently Released.

    While I often release fish that I catch. I find fishing for fish where keeping them is not an option pointless. That said, it's a beautiful fish and congrats to the angler.
  2. Goatshoes

    Resource for local guide?

    I drew a WY unit 25/27 tag for elk and plan to hunt it mid to late Sept. Never have I used a guide before, but this is some pretty big country and I've never set foot in it. Can anyone recommend a guide for the area or a resource to find one?
  3. Goatshoes

    Generosity to non-residents

    While your all grousing about it. Might want to consider that the State of CA has no restriction on non-resident tags. It is purely points based.
  4. Goatshoes

    WY Elk unit 25/27

    Low hunting pressure would be nice. You won't find those things in my camp until there is a dead elk and then it would still be tidy.
  5. Goatshoes

    WY Elk unit 25/27

    Anybody on here have any experience with WY elk unit 25/27, archery or general? I am looking for some very general info. PM would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  6. Goatshoes

    Spearfishing intro

    You got some really good responses here. Safety is important and the best thing you can do in my opinion is spend time getting comfortable in the water and with the things (animate and inanimate) that you will encounter. Your mask, regardless of brand severely restricts your peripheral vision...
  7. Goatshoes

    Cow hunt success

    Nice work I've been on a couple of successful cow elk hunts and they have been as enjoyable as anything else and damn do they taste good. Congratulations.
  8. Goatshoes

    calling javelina with predator call. Help?

    Thanks CouesKelly, I'm not sure that I know which brand, I used to have a Circe predator call that I thought sounded about right. I do plan to use spot and stalk as my primary method ( I have taken two that way) but I just can't glass all day. I am too impatient and I think having pigs come...
  9. Goatshoes

    calling javelina with predator call. Help?

    Thanks guys. My thought is that if I find a likely area where javs could be hidden in the cover and I'm not likely to return, there can't be any harm in attempting to call them. In other words if the animals are there, they should respond whether I see them at the outset or not. I imagine...
  10. Goatshoes

    calling javelina with predator call. Help?

    I hope to be drawn for Archery javelina in AZ. If so, I'd like to be prepared to include calling javelina into my tool kit. The question I have is, does time of year or time of day matter? I'm likely to glass the mornings and evenings and try some blind calling during the remainder of the...
  11. Goatshoes

    No teal

    No. No no no no no.
  12. Goatshoes

    Scent control hunting antelope

    Don't worry about the antelope smelling you. Their eye's are everything. Now, if there are deer in the area, the deer will smell you and react and they will see the deer react. But seriously. Mostly, just worry about playing the antelope. They will see you before you shoot them. Antelope...
  13. Goatshoes

    Montana Watefowl

    I would say that there is nothing more essential than waders, assuming you have a shot gun. A half dozen cheap decoys will be enough to get you started, species doesn't really matter to much but I would get some mallards. Once you are hooked you will also require a big fat budget.
  14. Goatshoes

    How do you celebrate a successful hunt?

    I do a little fist pump and say "yessss!"
  15. Goatshoes

    Sanctuary Vs. Sanctuary

  16. Goatshoes

    Sanctuary Vs. Sanctuary

    I drew a WY cow tag for a unit that apparently gets significant pressure due to proximity to a population center. I am planning to hunt after 9/15 during the archery season. The unit is well over population objective so it has plenty of animals, but apparently still a tough hunt. As is often...
  17. Goatshoes

    Franchi Affinty experiences ?

    I have the 20 ga. I enjoy the gun but the matt barrel rusts up so easily. Perhaps they have fixed it.
  18. Goatshoes

    Courtesies of elk hunting?

    Do what you think is right and treat people how you'd like to be treated. That will be different for a lot of people. If you kowtow to every guy or girl in the woods you'll be back in camp in no time with your tail tucked. Sometimes the activity of another hunter may benefit you and sometimes...
  19. Goatshoes

    Spearfishing gear

    Very few at least off the Orange County Catalina Island area. The shark encounters are increasing (in particular the GWS encounters along with their numbers), but so far so good. Just a few messy wetsuits as a result. I have had no encounters while in the water and I am happy to keep it that way.

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