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  1. NVDesertHunter

    Tips on shooting wild upland birds

    Thanks!...this advice is great...I've shot 1000's of rounds of skeet and was shooting at chukar like they were coming out of the high house at #4 stand.
  2. NVDesertHunter

    Tips on shooting wild upland birds

    In my 2nd year of bird hunting in Nevada/California/Arizona and my shot to hit ratio is pretty low. Wonder if anyone has shooting advice for wild chukar and quail mainly crossing at 30-40 yards at full speed. I try to make my shooting as instinctive as possible but I primarily use the...
  3. NVDesertHunter

    KHunter AZ Kaibab bison

    Great getting to know you as well @Khunter...we certainly were some of the most stubborn hunters on the Kaibab during that hunt. and your to blame for reigniting my passion to bow hunt exclusively next season.
  4. NVDesertHunter

    KHunter AZ Kaibab bison

    @Khunter 's tent after the first storm The view we had for 12 days Size 14 boot versus bull bison track
  5. NVDesertHunter

    Standard primers for .257 Weatherby Mag.

    Thanks all for the feedback. I most likely will be reloading 100gn Barnes TTSX with IMR4350, which certainly isn't the slowest burning powder out there and the large rifle primers have no problem igniting 55.2 gn of it in my other rifle. I'm in Reno NV so if anyone is nearby or swings through...
  6. NVDesertHunter

    Standard primers for .257 Weatherby Mag.

    Hello all, I am starting to reload for my .257 Wby. Mag. and have given up the search for magnum primers. However, I have 100's of Winchester Large Rifle primers that I use for my .280AI. My question is: would my WLR primers be sufficient for my .257 Wby.? according to this "garage study", it...
  7. NVDesertHunter

    Nevada Waterfowl 2020 - 2021

    you'd have a lot more meat in the freezer if you shot coots....
  8. NVDesertHunter

    11 day backcountry pack weight?

    30 degree synthetic...temps will be between 20-55F...I have a 0 degree down bag but its guaranteed to rain. I figure a 30 degree synthetic with synthetic puffy coat and pants will be good enough...I'll be using a Seek outside LBO thats 1.5 lbs so I am saving a lot weight there.
  9. NVDesertHunter

    11 day backcountry pack weight?

    Hey all, I have a 11 day backcountry hunt (8 mile basecamp) in October this year. Right now I am at 66lbs overall pack weight. That includes all my gear including winter clothes, rifle, 2 liters of water and 20lbs of food, etc. I plan to take a lot of pictures so I have my solar panel and...
  10. NVDesertHunter

    Anyone running down pants or insulated pants?

    anyone have first hand experience with these puffy pants? the 70 Denier seems it would hold up better than the top brands:
  11. NVDesertHunter

    DIY Backcountry Meals
  12. NVDesertHunter

    Backpacking Food

    Narrowing down my food list for the season, trying to dehydrate or make everything myself. I drew some great tags this year and hoping to spend roughly 30-40 days camping so I still have a lot of dehydrating ahead of me. Theres no way I could afford 40 bags of Peak Refuel or Mountain Houses...
  13. NVDesertHunter

    GMX vs E-Tip

    echoing what everyone here is saying, if you're happy with the GMX, stay with them but.... if you want to try the E-tip style bullet, the Federal Trophy copper is the same bullet with different powder components if you're interest in trying both to see what your rifle likes better.
  14. NVDesertHunter

    Harvest Right Freezer dryer

    Has anyone used this for backpacking food prep? $2200 is well out of my price range for a "food maker" but if I hit the mini lottery I imagine this would be great to have. I can think of some great recipes I would love to have in the...
  15. NVDesertHunter

    Az hit card

    Arizona just released their results!!! Unit 33 December rifle Coues deer hunting this year!!
  16. NVDesertHunter

    What are your 2020 plans?

    Amended/Final Plans: DRAWS: AZ unit 33 December rifle Coues deer NM unit 16A 1st archery elk CA- bear NV- quail/chukar with my puppy GSP
  17. NVDesertHunter

    High Country Mule Deer Trip - Lessons Learned

    Had the same plan as you back in 2017...planned to backpack for 7 days with 2 other people into the Frank Church for deer and elk. Camped at the trailhead the night before and it snowed 1.5 feet of snow overnight. We tried to day hunt the area but all the game tracks were leading in a straight...
  18. NVDesertHunter

    Accuracy advantages of lead free bullets?

    Really depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go... If you are shooting factory ammo less than 500yds, you probably will not notice a big difference in accuracy. If you are an extreme long range shooter and hunt at longer than "normal" ranges, most shooters are using CNC machined...

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