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    CO Unit 18

    Hey everyone, I have the title of new member but I’ve actually been a member since 2017, I just do much more listening than talking! I have a CO Unit 18 1st season elk rifle tag. I know a lot of that unit burnt last year, looking over maps form onX and go hunt, Google, it still shows timbered...
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    Antelope Rut

    I’ve bow hunted antelope in region 3 of MT a couple times now. Once I felt like we hit the rut prefect at the very end of September and the other I didn’t see any rut action in the middle of September . Whats the general opinion on when antelope generally rut? Thanks
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    Montana Bull

    Got my first bull elk a few weeks ago in Montana. One shot at 214 yards and my hunt was over.
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    MT-900 Antelope

    Can anyone with actual knowledge explain to me why MT made the archery 900 tag a 1st choice only? I always used it as a backup 2nd choice if I didn’t draw my unit of 1st choice for general antelope.
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