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  1. Ben Nicholson

    .32 cal

    So I'm getting the itch to get a squirrel muzzy. Probably a .32 cal., but I'm open to suggestions. Any recommendations on what to buy, and more importantly, where to find one? Thanks, Ben
  2. Ben Nicholson

    First moose

    I was very lucky to draw a New Hampshire moose tag this fall. What an experience! Hope I get to chase them again. So my question for all you diehard moose hunters out there, would you recommend Alaska or Canada next?
  3. Ben Nicholson

    NH Moose

    Apparently I got lucky and drew a NH moose tag (A2) for this fall. Anyone ever hunted out there? I figured it was just a donation to their DNR. Any help is appreciated, I've never stepped foot in NH before. LOL
  4. Ben Nicholson

    Glacier NP trip

    We're planning a trip to Glacier NP this summer. We will be heading from Iowa driving through MN, ND, and MT. Any suggestions on good campgrounds (we have a 30' camper)? Any "can't miss" spots along the way? Thanks, Ben
  5. Ben Nicholson

    Burning 10 points on CO GMU 66?

    I feel like I'm stuck in no man's land in CO with 10 points. I would love to hunt 76 but as a NR I doubt that is going to happen. I've been 3 points behind for a while now. Has anyone hunted 66? If so, would you say it's worth burning 10 points on it or am I nuts? This would be for...
  6. Ben Nicholson

    PSA: MR sale at Scheels

    If you’re in the market for a MR pack you might want to check your local Scheels. I just picked up a Scapegoat 35 in Iowa City for $150.
  7. Ben Nicholson

    MT residents thoughts on Steve Bullock

    I just saw he’s tossing his hat in the ring for president. Living in Iowa, we have a disproportional say in who gets the nomination. It’s seems to me in order to get elected in MT you have to be pro hunting and fishing, but I don’t know anything about this guy. So my question to you Montana...
  8. Ben Nicholson

    Iowa BHA pint night

    Just wanted to let my fellow Iowans know that we are starting up a BHA chapter in the state. Our first pint night will be at Whiskey River in Ankeny on September 29th from 6:00 - 9:00. Hope to see some of you there.
  9. Ben Nicholson

    Vortex Viper HD 10X42

    Made in Japan. Mint condition. $415 TYD (lower 48).
  10. Ben Nicholson

    FS: Bear Arena 34

    3 pin Black Gold (Rush) sight, QAD Ultra-rest, 60#’s. Perfect condition. $425 TYD (lower 48).
  11. Ben Nicholson

    Complete pronghorn rookie headed to SD

    Never hunted Antelope, never been to South Dakota... but I'm going to go there the last week of September to try bowhunting them. Due to some scheduling issues I can't get an elk hunt in this year, so I'm going to give something new a shot. I have a couple double bull blinds I'll take, though...
  12. Ben Nicholson

    Greetings from Iowa

    Hello from Iowa. I do the majority of my hunting, fishing, and trapping here in Iowa or at our cabin in Northern Minnesota. I get out to Colorado occasionally and have hunted Washington state once. Hoping to start hunting out west more. When I'm not in the woods, on the water, or working...

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