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  1. joetuckeruj

    Air Ambulance service question

    Well, OP. I don’t know if you still need a recommendation, but I’ve just found this thread and want to say that when my friend’s father needed such assistance, he used The experience was nice, and he recommended it to us. His father had a severe case of arthritis and couldn’t...
  2. joetuckeruj

    Rifle for hunting with a suppressor

    I am sure that a forum won't give you enough information about the perfect scope. I am sure the best thing you have to do is enter some sites selling them and read the product's description before buying it. I am sure that you must choose carefully as their importance while hunting is too high...
  3. joetuckeruj

    AZ 2nd chance to update Credit Cards

    The only thing I am paying for is my Mortgage. I can't afford to take other credits because I won't pay for them. I am not making a lot of money, but I understand that I need to have my house when I am old, and I decided not to think a lot and take a mortgage. I used the services of a Mortgage...
  4. joetuckeruj

    Late Season Colorado Cow Hunt

    I just love hunting. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about hunting in Colorado. I think you can just Google about the cow hunting season in Colorado. I am sure that the information will be enough. In my free time from farming, I also like to hunt cows. By the way, I help my father in...