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  1. ThunderNocked

    You pick your top ten endorsements...what would they be?

    Oh man....good one. Ford to get where I'm going Polaris to take me farther then I want to walk Double Broomed Mountain Rifles to keep me shooting Barney's Sports Chalet cause they have all the best gear (packs, tents, cloths, gamebags, etc) Leupold because I want that Gold Ring Lowa Boots (I'm...
  2. ThunderNocked

    stone glacier de havilland pant

    I've used them exclusively for 2 years now unless I'm on a snow machine hunt. Been really happy with them.
  3. ThunderNocked

    Does Thermacel work for you? (Skeeters)

    We have had good success with them. make sure you keep the liquid going on it. I had some friends who started using Eucalyptus Oil and something else and it also worked but didn't last as long and wasn't as effective. Using it normal though it worked great the times I've used it. I plan to...
  4. ThunderNocked

    Waterfowl Musings

    Waterfowl opens September 1st here in AK. HAHA
  5. ThunderNocked

    Waterfowl Musings

    besides shooting trap, teaching my kids to use their duck calls and trying to keep from getting to rusty myself .... what else can I do in the off season to get back into the swing of it? Also I hope that didn't come across as a brag before - I know Alaska Waterfowl Hunting has nothing on the...
  6. ThunderNocked

    Winter Mortality in Interior Alaska

    I saw 5 along the road yesterday. Saturday night I saw a nice little paddle bull.
  7. ThunderNocked

    Knives - Show Me

    Yup! It wouldn't be terrible. I have another Customer Maker up here in Alaska that I just missed his books and asked him to let me know when they open as he is 6-7 years. The custom I'll get end of this year I was supposed to get last year but the maker (a Forged in Fire Champ too) had heart...
  8. ThunderNocked

    First time bear

    I just told my wife to do that! 100% will do.
  9. ThunderNocked

    Cam Hanes new book “Endure”

    that sounds like the worst! A couple years ago I was trying to loose weight and get in shape for my first sheep hunt and was lifting weights to rebuild some muscle mass and we got a nice protein shake so I could add protein to my diet without a lot of calories... well it came with a 'free' pre...
  10. ThunderNocked

    First time bear

    I have a bunch of other stuff - dog food, scents, a beaver carcass, beaver caster, etc. I just wanted to throw something else out there too. But not a bad idea!
  11. ThunderNocked

    Waterfowl Musings

    I'm in a quandary. I love Waterfowl Hunting. I was a late starter - I grew up in a hunting family but didn't start hunting myself until I moved to Juneau, Alaska (wife's Hometown). I tried to pickup big game but stuck in Juneau with no boat big game is limited, HIGHLY pressured, and not a...
  12. ThunderNocked

    Lost hunter finds a camp.

    I got an InReach mini - even its the only reliable way to track anything. OnX doesn't work in probably 60% of ALaska unless you have the offline map downloaded and you are connected to a GPS Device. I can use OnX in unison with my InReach/Earthmate Apps but not by itself. Also a good reminder -...
  13. ThunderNocked

    Knives - Show Me

    awesome, I have a custom coming this fall - me and a buddy are getting identical hunting knives made but that is it for this year probably. I'd love to get a Randall - hopefully at some point that will work out.
  14. ThunderNocked

    Cam Hanes new book “Endure”

    I think, having not read the book or following him closely, that just like all other big personalities that things get taken out of context and often times when you live your whole life in front of the camera you feel like you have to perform everything. He is pretty intense, even just...
  15. ThunderNocked

    First time bear

    Bit nervous - I've called every bakery in town and there are enough bear baiters most of them are already spoken for. I have two who said they will call me back. Finally registered and we head out Saturday - its a little late but I have enough season left. I have a few to do things before I'm...
  16. ThunderNocked

    Knives - Show Me

    Aaron Sybrant custom Hunter. I'm excited to get this hopefully into a Black Bear this month or next! Another Cross: Boys Hunter in Rams Horn. I didn't think I'd like this but when it was given to me I fell in love. My EDC and I'll be taking it into the mountains for sheep probably since it...
  17. ThunderNocked

    Gear Rental in Fairbanks?

    The university also rents out rafts, tents and more:
  18. ThunderNocked


    Great book, really enjoyed it and having my boys read it now.
  19. ThunderNocked

    First time bear

    brilliant. there is a lady who does Cupcakes like a mile from my house out of her home. Great idea!
  20. ThunderNocked

    First time bear

    THIS! This is what I keep reminding myself. DIdn't get a Caribou my first couple outings, didn't get a deer, didn't get a moose ... so it is all about time. I'm just nervous because of all the rules. And I don't want to shoot a tiny bear so I won't necessarily shoot the first one that comes...

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