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    Excited for 2013!

    well if anyone ever wondered what a meat pole should look like, look no further. congrats on last year and good luck this year
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    Freaks, Drops, Cheaters and Stickers

    Well I was the spoiled kid. 1985 my 2nd deer season and I shot this guy. Nice 10 pt with a 7" drop. Boy did I think this deer hunting stuff was easy. I have learned different since then.
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    Tag soup for me...

    most importantly, congrats on expecting. good for you 2. sounds like you had a great trip
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    The Monkey

    Great story great pics, sounds like you guys had a blast and were able to bring home some of the best eating meat one can get. congrats to you both.
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    Bull stopped bleeding?

    I have to ask, Where was the shot? Did you see where you hit him? I say this because 3 years ago I helped 3 different people track whitetails they shot. Blood for the first 100 or so yards was great like someone opened up a gallon jug and just poured it out. And then it stopped, On all 3 deer...
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    MT Wolf Population

    as a new york hunter we have the coyote problem. Since they have been brought in our rabbits have been hit hard and pheasants, well don't even bother for them. They have done alot of damage now on our deer and turkey population also. I see one thing that keeps getting mentioned here "ethics"...
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    2011 Elk Hunt

    great bull, congrats
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    Fin's article in RMEF Bugle Magazine

    I know the last time I was out west, we had 3 bulls and a cow butchered up and divided between 7 of us. All equal shares. 1 guy air mailed his back home and it wieghed 97 lbs. So that was about 700 lbs of butchered meat. All animals were delivered to the butcher whole (but split in half). When...
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    30/30 question

    I have been looking at the reviews of the mossberg. Mostly pretty good. I might have to go check them out.
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    30/30 question

    thanks alot everyone. alot of good info here.
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    30/30 question

    Well, i have been thinking of getting a 30/30 lever action for deer hunting. When I grew up my dad had a winchester 30/30 that I shot 1 deer with. When he died my brother got that gun. Anyways, so lately I have been wanting one. After talking to my brother he has sent my dads gun into...
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    Mystery Ranch Gift Card

    This is a group picture from opening weekend in ny at camp. My son is there (the youngest one) with his first buck. You football guys might recognize the guy sitting next to him, mabey.
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    OYOA Logo - Input please

    I think mdhunter kinda hit it on the head. I can drive and do a oyo elk, whitetail, muledeer, antelope ect. ect... but for a sheep that screams "guide". I like the idea of a set of elk horns straped on your back, shadowed out in the middle of the compass and I like what you have now. that...
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    Dogs running deer!!

    oh, so it is okay to let your dog chase deer to get exercise????? oh boy
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    Like Father Like Son

    great bulls but I for 1 like the story better. congrats to you both....
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    My IdahoHunttalkers Quick info needed...

    man talk about the memories this has brought up. That was the best time camping in the winter with the scouts. setting up in the dark would suck though but you could just make a day trip out of it. good luck and have fun.
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    GP tents for cold and snow?

    My buddy has the gpsmall. And it has worked great. 3 cots and a table is nice and roomy but you could squeeze more into it. His had the liner and a vent hole. We used the propane but only to heat the tent up before bed and turned it on in the morning. If you want heat all night you better go...
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    NM RMEF Elk Hunt

    Very cool. And I just watch a elk hunt on tv from that place. It was tortenson's son. great story how that place came to be. Even though you came home with out any meat, you will have a life time of memories.
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    Don't ask/ don't tell....

    well there goes the neighborhood........ the way I see it, is what you do is your business. Should people loose jobs for being gay? NO. but man, can't people just keep quiet about thier personal lives.
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    2010 season for us

    1 last one for my kid

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