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  1. Gr8bawana

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    No need to be respectful to a convicted poacher. Once an a-hole always an a-hole. Leilani Massa started this petition to Discovery Communications and 3 others The Outdoor Channel filmed Ted Nugent as he hunted a buck too young to be legally hunted. The episode aired in February 2010 on the...
  2. Gr8bawana

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    NOT! No bigger jack-@$$ to make hunters look bad than Nugent.
  3. Gr8bawana

    He's Not Dangerous, He's Just a Kid

    The "little kid" is 15 years old. I guarantee you if the cops showed her texts from a 15 year old black kid threatening to kill her son at school she wouldn't have said that about the black kid.
  4. Gr8bawana

    Elk packouts

    It felt like 10 miles but farthest has only been about 3 miles tops. Luckily they were cows and there were 3 of us packing. 👍
  5. Gr8bawana

    No non-resident hunting on Wyoming wilderness unless you have a Guide - when are you all going to fight this?

    I don't think he has any intentions of actually being part of this forum. He's just trolling us.
  6. Gr8bawana

    Wyoming Private Lands - do you like the trespassing laws?

    Are you just trolling us? Just read your other rant about WY.
  7. Gr8bawana

    No non-resident hunting on Wyoming wilderness unless you have a Guide - when are you all going to fight this?

    Maybe if some time in the future Wyoming is not able to sell all it's non-res tags they might think about changing the law. I don't think that is going to happen any time soon. As a resident why do you even care? Any non-resident hunters who don't like the rule can feel free to hunt in another...
  8. Gr8bawana

    Forum Upgrade Coming

    Is is just me or has anyone else noticed that it takes FOREVER for the forum to log out the last couple of days?
  9. Gr8bawana

    Cougar Trapping????

    Mtn lion tags are also OTC in NV, $104 for non-res. Good for most of the state.
  10. Gr8bawana

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    Maybe the unfortunate winner will do a Dick Cheney on him! :ROFLMAO:
  11. Gr8bawana

    NV deer down!

    Well done! Congrats to you and your hunting buddies.
  12. Gr8bawana

    Pot is not legal in CO or anywhere else in the US.

    ....and what does this have to do with a public land hunting forum? You must be from the "Reefer Madness" days.
  13. Gr8bawana

    Cougar Trapping????

    I'm sure there have been some mtn lions trapped before but you certainly don't hear about it. What would you use to lure them to your traps? As sharpshooter97 said they have a very large home range and who knows when they might come back to an area where you saw a track as they are traveling the...
  14. Gr8bawana

    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    Yes, your understanding is incorrect. Wolves were native to most of the continental U.S. long before the white man invaded the country. Just because wolves were eradicated from most of their native range does not mean they are not native. Hence the term "re-introduction". Also since when are...
  15. Gr8bawana

    Hunting cartoons!

  16. Gr8bawana

    Nevada success!

    Congrats on your first archery deer!
  17. Gr8bawana

    Water Holes

    You're overthinking it. I've seen elk and deer drink from some pretty nasty water if it's all they had.
  18. Gr8bawana

    What's your elk rifle and cartridge?

    My set up is a Rem. 700 in 7mm mag. Preferred ammo for elk is 175 grain Core-Lokt. Works great on cows and bulls. I will ad that since I won the Nosler ammo give-away here last year I now have a good supply of loaded 140 grain Accubond and I will be using those for quite some time, I'm sure they...
  19. Gr8bawana

    What else have we been wrong about forever?

    A few years ago there was a group of Asian tourists in the parking lot of one of the hotels in the Grand Canyon and there was a bugling bull elk and they were taking pics of the "moose". They must have thought it was tame because they were getting within 10 feet of it for pics.