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  1. SFC B

    Mini trucks

    Compared to a Wrangler they are cheep. Fully loaded, with lockers and all the stuff to make it "street legal" is about 23k. You can get a computer update for the diesel which will let the top speed get to low-mid 70s and they get about mid 30s mpg. I have seen them licensed and on the road in CO.
  2. SFC B

    Mini trucks

    And you can get front and rear lockers :)
  3. SFC B

    How much gun is too much?

    I can fit a doe in quarters in my 100qt cooler. A good sized buck would need to be boned to fit in there. Hope that helps
  4. SFC B

    How much gun is too much?

    Are you going to bone out or put quarters in the coolers?
  5. SFC B

    How much gun is too much?

    ^^^^^This is VERY important. Getting those jokers on ice ASAP. I have taken 3 pronghorn, all with my '06 shooting 180gr TBTs. That is what I have the rifle zero'd with and that is the remedy every animal gets.
  6. SFC B

    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    I will sometimes carry my SS Browning Buckmark 22lr for the odd grouse or coyote that might ramble too close to me :)
  7. SFC B

    Has anyone put a Lokka on a vehicle?

    Surely know I have to keep Doug publicized when I can :) Looking like it might be next spring.....we'll see
  8. SFC B

    Has anyone put a Lokka on a vehicle?

    An e locker would be great but out of the budget for now.
  9. SFC B

    Has anyone put a Lokka on a vehicle?

    You should check out some of the Aussie 4x4 stuff. They are BRUTAL on their rigs and these are tried and true in that realm. Here is what it is
  10. SFC B

    Has anyone put a Lokka on a vehicle?

    Now you just made it more tempting!!! And this would be mainly for the dirt, mud and rocks where I usually hunt 2nd season. A couple of fairly long hills that can get soupy and have had a pucker factor a couple of years.
  11. SFC B

    Has anyone put a Lokka on a vehicle?

    I am looking at doing periodic upgrades as I can on Doug. This seems to be a pretty economical one for me. I can get a Lokka from Australia for the Dana 44 on my front for $219 including shipping. This will give me a locker on the front when I put it in 4wd. Seems this is by far bang for...
  12. SFC B

    Veterans Discounts

    NICE!!! I have been considering upgrading to Tidal.
  13. SFC B

    Pot is not legal in CO or anywhere else in the US.

    Through all aspects of my life (former military friends, school friends and non federal employees) I know TONS of people who smoke (or ingest in other ways) who are very productive members of society. Yes, it is true that weed is illegal federally but the justice department has chosen to...
  14. SFC B

    Wife removed elk tag from safe....

    I just had a similar, but much more expensive, scenario. Went to the spot where I keep my passport because I have the England trip coming up and SOMETHING just told me to check. Gone and the "organizer" in the house has no idea where it went ......$170 later I have a new one. SMH If I had...
  15. SFC B

    Join RMEF, Get a Gerber Vital

    I already use a Gerber Vital zip to open them up with so peeling back hide should be good. The only issue I can see would be joints. I will do my best to relay that hunt as it happens.
  16. SFC B

    Join RMEF, Get a Gerber Vital

    Hopefully I'll get to try it on a roe or red deer come SEP :)
  17. SFC B

    Portable Sawmill?

    If you are interested, these folks have peaked my interest. No frills but middle of America built!!!
  18. SFC B

    Trying to figure out the proper approach to moving out west

    We rented 2 years before buying. No regrets.....
  19. SFC B

    My daughter requested some venison.

    Just so you know Richard, I covet your rifle :)
  20. SFC B

    SFC is putting forth some effort this year...... the leftover pick this morning I picked up another doe tag for a plains unit. This is a December hunt. Sooooooo, I have now settled hunts every month from SEP through JAN. Man, I sure better put SOMETHING in the freezer!!