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  1. Boarmaster

    Browning A-bolt II with BOSS muzzle break system

    If you type Browning Boss Owners Manual in your search engine you should find a couple sites that have the manual on how to set it up. One is better than the other but both have the same info. It was helpful to me.
  2. Boarmaster

    packable thin plastic from Caribou game bag kit

    This , You can always make your own package with your vacpak if you have one.
  3. Boarmaster

    Tried something new

    I bet that was great.
  4. Boarmaster

    Gun sling, Kifaru vs. Sitka

    After researching I went with the Kifaru.
  5. Boarmaster

    mystery ranch quick draw rifle sling?

    I will be using a MR Sawtooth 45 this year. I went thru the same research. I ended up with the Kifaru. Time will tell but it looks like it will work fine and the reviews where good and there where many using it that where happy.
  6. Boarmaster

    Fall hunting meal prep : meatballs

    Thanks Paul Revere.
  7. Boarmaster

    Fall hunting meal prep : meatballs

    Paul do you put everything in one bag so all you are doing is heating up one thing or do you cook the noodles at camp?
  8. Boarmaster

    Lunch meats

    I like to make pulled venison bbq. I freeze it up in small vacpacks and then use it for sandwiches. I plan on grabbing all the shanks the other guys are tossing to coyotes and making up a big batch of bbq meat. I should have a good years supply. Some aint figured out shanks and necks are great...
  9. Boarmaster

    New Grinder

    Good score
  10. Boarmaster

    Elevation and shooting question

    2 CDS dials. Seems like an easiest answer. I am still curious as to just how much drop we are really talking at 400 yards or less between sea level and 9000 ft. Unless I missed it OP doesn't mention what he is shooting.
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    Looks great.
  12. Boarmaster

    Danner Pronghorn thoughts

    They didnt fit my feet right. They where tough to get on and I didnt think they had enough materal in the tongue. I hated mine and switched to Meindl. Happy now. My Cuzin bought some pronghorns about the same time I did and he really loves his. I wouldn't condemn all Danner boots based on the...
  13. Boarmaster

    Headlamps for under $100

    Not a waste, smart practice.
  14. Boarmaster

    Headlamps for under $100

    I just picked up my second Black Diamond Revo.
  15. Boarmaster

    Boot Waterproof Products

    Obenaufs here.
  16. Boarmaster

    multi-tool recommendations

    I have a wave. Not sure when exactly I bought it. Decades ago. I cant manage to wear it out or break it so its the only one I have ever had.
  17. Boarmaster

    Ammo and Optics for 7mm-08

    I have a MCR x2 in 7mm08. I have older swaro 3-10x42 on it. I would be just as happy with a VX3or(i)3.5-10x40. I shoot Federal 140 partition BTs out of it.
  18. Boarmaster

    Meat hauling pack $250 budget

    I wont really have that answer until I hunt with it. I bought it for a day pack that had meat hauling capability. Seems to just what I wanted. Im sure as with most of my equipment its capabilities will far out weigh my capabilities. Best.
  19. Boarmaster

    Meat hauling pack $250 budget

    I would buy a good used MR pack. Its still the same great quality pack as when it was new. Just a little more affordable. If you go new watch for sales at all the online dealers. Use any promo codes as well. I bought my new (MSRP $450) Sawtooth 45 for $329 to my door not long ago.
  20. Boarmaster

    SMOKER: electric or propane

    I had a Big mastercraft. It was propane. We used it at camp where we had no electric. If I was going to use it at home I would go with electric. Ours did good so long as you kept it out of the wind.