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  1. sdkhunter

    Attractions in Wyoming/SD

    A lot of good suggestions... Kinda depends on what your wife likes to do too - lot of outdoor stuff to do in the black hills area - though that time of year weather can be fickle? Could be 70 and sunny or the Hills could be getting 4" of snow.... You mentioned shopping - the Rapid City...
  2. sdkhunter

    NAP Spitfire/MAXX vs. Elk

    I can't help you specifically with details/info on your setup but like you, I've taken elk (and other large game) with fixed and mechnicals... I've also been shooting VAP Elite arrows (400), 27.5" draw with about a 28" overall arrow length @ about 62#. Love the VAPs by the way - I setteled on...
  3. sdkhunter

    New (to me) Bow. Advice wanted...

    125/140 seems pretty fair for installed string and cable set w/ tune. I’d have them double check the draw length and peep location too while they are at it - just to make sure it’s in the right position for you... next upgrade - imo best bang for your buck would probably be new rest - though u...
  4. sdkhunter

    First time Colorado hunt. Gear list check.

    Weather can vary greatly... could be warm during the day, could be snow - so prepare for everything... guessing it’s on your more detailed clothing list but bring a stocking cap and gloves and also pack of baby wipes.... good luck!
  5. sdkhunter

    Nephews second WY elk

    Lot of good eating there! Congrats!
  6. sdkhunter

    Rangefinder ?

    My old Nikon is still going strong after years of use but earlier this summer I got to try out several of the newer model range finders and by far my favorite was the Nikon 3000 which has the image stabilization... That is the one I'd probably have at the top of my list if I was in the market...
  7. sdkhunter

    Colorado Pref. Points- Point of diminishing returns?

    Yeah, I agree. In fact I had 7 elk PP's this year and I didn't even buy one - I just didn't see much advatage for me.... Believe I should be able to hunt most of the units I want with 2-4...... Suppose it's always possible that future changes to seasons/draws/etc could change that but right...
  8. sdkhunter

    Sales Engineer Insight

    My feelings with a SE job would be it really depends on what the organization and especially sales guys are like... Often times the sales guys I deal with would tell you anything to get the sale - then it's the SE that has to deal with the mess on the implementation and taper back the ridiculous...
  9. sdkhunter

    Good places to eat in Gillette .....
  10. sdkhunter

    Lighter arrow recommendation.... thoughts?

    If you want to go fairly light and micro you can't go wrong with the Victory VAP elites or Gold Tip Pierces (and they hit like a ton of bricks).... The CE Blue Streak RZ is great arrow too - it's just standard diameters so you don't get some of the other benefits of a mico shaft... Do agree...
  11. sdkhunter

    Cheap vs expensive

    I don't think it matters a ton at short to medium distances 20-40 yds.... I do think arrow consistancy/quaility matters more the further you move out.... Several of my friends love messing around at 70-100 yards and arrows do seem to group more consistantly at distance... For hunting though...
  12. sdkhunter

    What’s the worst item you’ve lost?

    I just lost a pair of nice Oakley sunglasses out elk scouting this last weekend... Up to that point, I hadn't lost much more than calls, a small knife or two, etc...
  13. sdkhunter

    Elk hunting with atv’s

    As several others have mentioned they do save wear and tear on the truck... Personally, in the hunting areas I've been - I tend to see more damage done by hunters/people in full size trucks.... There are plenty of trucks that shouldn't be going in far as they do - when stuff is a bit soft, the...
  14. sdkhunter

    Bighorn Mtns, Wyoming area hunting/hiking partner

    Welcome to the site! Beautiful area! I'm sure it won't take long to run accross people with similar interests!
  15. sdkhunter

    New Grinder

    Looks like a beefy rig, very nice!
  16. sdkhunter

    GPS on ATV

    I’ve got a Can-Am Outlander 570 and looking for a way to mount a gps... wonder what others have used for mounting and how they like it? I’ve got a couple of gps options, a few years old Garmin Oregon, then a newer Garmin 64s - I could use an old cell phone I suppose too... Looks like there...
  17. sdkhunter

    Mesa, AZ, Good Place to Live?

    Almost exactly a year ago I almost took a job in the Phoenix area... Flew down for a second interview, scoped the area out... I did get the job offer and think I would have probably liked it - but declined when the wife got cold feet about moving the kids.... Often regret not taking it.... I...
  18. sdkhunter

    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    I’ve been up in that general area like many have and it can be fairly rugged with limited road options... couldn’t WY put up a few barriers or fences in a couple of key areas and limit motorized travel in certain areas during key periods. that may at least make it hard to access from the MT...
  19. sdkhunter

    Best state to take up residency

    Not sure what type of climate you are currently in and moving from but one suggestion I would have is just to make sure you know what you are getting into Winter season wise... 😀. As hunters we focus so much on the hunting opportunities but truth be told elk/deer/antelope season is only so...
  20. sdkhunter

    Target choices

    Like many have mentioned, I try to limit my broadhead shooting to a 'dedicated target... Years ago I bought a "broadhead only" target at Sportsmans Warehouse - which I still have... BH's have still ripped it up pretty good over the years but it's been nice to limit that extreme damage to the one...