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  1. Northwoods

    Nevada success!

  2. Northwoods

    Portable Sawmill?

    My dad got a portable sawmill when he retired. He loved it. He had it set up on his 80 acres and just left it in one place. He cut stuff for his own projects to start but soon word got out and people started buying lumber from him.
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    Growing up in the Canadian arctic

    Thanks for taking the time to share all of these photos! I really enjoyed them.
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    Trying to figure out the proper approach to moving out west

    I think renting for a while is a good idea. It gives you time to find the right home in the right neighborhood. I probably shouldn’t be giving anyone advice about life but I understand your families situation. Sometimes it’s time for a change. We’ve made a few big moves and it’s always worked...
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    Nailed ‘em

    My mom and I did really well yesterday. Lots of nice 24-26” walleyes. Definitely a special day, I’m never sure how many more times I’ll get to take my mom fishing.
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    Summer vacation project

    Looks like it turned out really nice!
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    Caught a good one

    Thick walleye. Nice catch!
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    Precarious Health and decisions...

    I agree with everyone else. Definitely go if you can. I hope you guys have a great time!
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    My son’s bull shark

    Heck yeah!
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    Walleye mayhem

    My wife’s second walleye over 30” this summer. After I stopped laughing we got the fish back in the water, my wife fixed her wardrobe malfunction, and I got my new landing net back. Good clean fun.
  11. Northwoods

    Fish fry

    Got some eaters last night before the mosquitoes chased me off the lake. Fish fry tonight.
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    Yep, I do most of my fishing in the Boundary Waters.
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    These were our 2 biggest releases of the weekend. My wife’s 27.5” and my 6 year old daughters 28”. We also put a few in the freezer.
  14. Northwoods

    Annual trip to MN boundary waters

    The Granite River is a great route and very productive fishing. In the mid 90’s I was a canoe guide and took groups on that route every week.
  15. Northwoods

    Looking to head west, from WI

    Miller8812- Were you able to put a hunt together last fall? Any plans this fall? If you’re still looking for someone to head west with let me know. It’s getting to be last minute but I’d even be up for something along the lines of a black hills archery hunt.
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    Walleyes one good one

    35 walleyes is an amazing day!
  17. Northwoods

    Father’s Day trip

    My daughters pink zebco was the hot rod today. She provided a couple of fish fries. My wife released a nice 31” walleye. All I could catch was a bass so I went back to my fish netting and hook baiting duties. Of course I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  18. Northwoods

    The walleyes are biting!

    Nice catch! We need to work on your beverage selection.
  19. Northwoods

    Ground blind tips

    I like the tip about wearing black.