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  1. Chris76

    What pistol do you carry on hunts

    When I archery hunt I like to carry my Judge. The reason is I like to have the 45 or a small caliber shot gun shell. (410). Had a bear put his paws like he was going to climb the tree I was in so if worst came to worst I had the 45 and in archery I run into a lot of snakes. Just think the...
  2. Chris76

    Let’s hear hunting stories with the kids

    A lot of great stories. I have another one. It was the last day of the deee season where my son got his buck eggy. Got to the stand before day break and was seeing son does and I had my son practice getting them in the scope and trying to stay calm. He did a good job at that. Then around 10am I...
  3. Chris76

    Let’s hear hunting stories with the kids

    Lol yeah when you was a kid stories will work also. That story had me laughing at the end.
  4. Chris76

    Let’s hear hunting stories with the kids

    I have a lot of these stories so I will start it. When my son was 9 years old I took him with me for the mentor hunt. This was the last year on the lease land I was in. The woman that owned the land passed away and her son sold it right away but back to the story. It was about a hour before dark...
  5. Chris76

    Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

    Welcome to the forum. You picked a good forum to join. The members give great advice and helpful suggestions. Chris from Pa
  6. Chris76

    Are we hurting ourselves?

    I can understand if my son was like shooting animals and taking pics but this was all target shooting and was truly innocent but I do get the schools being anti gun but he got it approved before we did the project then the day he was to present it to the class they say no and give him a zero but...
  7. Chris76

    Are we hurting ourselves?

    It’s diff a diff world we live in. My son had a school project last year and he did it on diff brand of shells out of his 7mm08 and when he took it to school I had taken pics of him shooting it and pics of the diff types of impacted on the target. Had a lot of time and money bc shells are not...
  8. Chris76

    Question about private land hunting

    If she agrees could we say I lease it then I could get insurance on it right????? I know I would never sue but I understand her worries. I am going to stop back and talk to her Wednesday and wanted to try and have a answer for. Wanted to say thanks wihunter12 and to for sending me that web site...
  9. Chris76

    Question about private land hunting

    So as some of you know on here I have been knocking on doors and surfing the web to find a hunting lease to join or start on my own for my son and myself. I talked to a lady today and it went really well I even just met her and she was cutting grass at the age of 71 (not saying that’s old) and I...
  10. Chris76

    White tale guys

    I agree with how full is your freezer. I love to hunt for big bucks but my main reason for hunting is to provide food for the family and to help people out with some good deer meat that might be a little down the n their luck. If you want to harvest a big buck take the chances on letting them...
  11. Chris76

    Hello New to Hunt talk!

    Welcome from Pa. you joined the right place to read and join into some good post
  12. Chris76

    Greetings from SE WY

    Welcome from Pa
  13. Chris76

    New from FL

    Welcome from Pa. this is a great forum to be a part of
  14. Chris76

    1st time

    That’s awesome. Tell her practice makes perfect. It’s awesome to read post about adults and parents getting their kids all geared up for hunting season.
  15. Chris76

    Red flag warnings

    In most cases the evil people that can even think about killing a innocent human get their firearm the illegal way. I agree with you can’t fix evil. Why punish the good people in the world and take their 2A away. The focus should be on the purchase of getting firearms the wrong way. Everybody...
  16. Chris76

    Fingers crossed on hunting spot

    From State College
  17. Chris76

    HUNTERS CONNECT - A new platform for new hunters

    I think just by posting on sites like this one will help mentors and new hunters out a lot with information. Maybe talk to hunttalk and see if we can have a thread where we can sign up to help kids that have nobody to take them and teach them the sport of hunting. I would diff sign up and help...
  18. Chris76

    Fingers crossed on hunting spot

    My son will diff be with me when and if I talk to him. The guy owns a saw mill but his brother also owns it with him and he has to talk to his brother. It’s the first good news I have gotten about a place to hunt in awhile so I will take.
  19. Chris76

    Fingers crossed on hunting spot

    Where I live in Pa it’s hard to find private land to hunt. I found 30 acres about a week ago but it was a 3 guy lease and I posted on hunttalk and with the advise I got on here just didn’t think it was any safer with my son than public land. So I downloaded the OnXhunt app and looked for large...
  20. Chris76

    New to Hunt Talk

    Welcome from Pa