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  1. 119bowhunter

    What are you currently reading?

    Runes of the North by Sigurd F. Olson, bought it to take with me on a fly-in fishing trip to Canada last week and ended up not having much time to read so I'm reading it now, and also Path of the Puma by Jim Williams, heard about it on a meateater podcast and its been very good so far
  2. 119bowhunter

    Unforgettable books..

    Scrolling through this thread and saw your picture of the cover of "Runes of the North" never heard of it or read it but it looked like the perfect reading material for my upcoming fly-in fishing trip in Ontario so I promptly hopped on ebay and have a copy on its way...just hoping it arrives...
  3. 119bowhunter

    new rifle suggestions

    I have a M70 extreme weather in 30-06 and absolutely love it, I kept an eye out on gunbroker and picked it up used for about $ wife hunts with a Rem Model7 SS in 7mm-08 that is also a nice gun
  4. 119bowhunter

    30-06 ????

    Mine likes Federal 165 grain trophy coppers, a 165 or 180 grain bonded bullet would serve you well too
  5. 119bowhunter

    Which Mystery Ranch?

    Sounds like a great resolution to your problem, I got a Metcalf in the fall of 2017 and I have been very pleased with it so far, however if the Beartooth had been available at the time I would've most likely gone with it instead, I really wish MR made bag only options for their entire line...I...
  6. 119bowhunter

    Ontario spring black bear ideas?

    Check out Halley's Camps, never hunted with them but have been to their fly-in outposts fishing several times and they run a top notch operation, heading back up the last week of July to do some smallmouth fishing
  7. 119bowhunter

    Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope/Goal Zero Charger/.270 WSM Barrel

    Selling some stuff for a friend of mine Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope-$175 to your door Goal Zero Charger-$65 to your door Remington .270 WSM Barrel-$115 to your door...My buddy bought this and decided to take another path, he bought it used off ebay and you can see there are a few scratches...
  8. 119bowhunter

    Family Vehicle

    I have a 2001 Tahoe with 3rd row seating, I've used it for multiple trips hauling 6 guys to the coast to go deep sea fishing, driven it to Idaho and back (from NC) to go elk hunting and I tow my bass boat with it nearly every weekend January-June...I recently picked up a GMC Sierra with a diesel...
  9. 119bowhunter

    Anyone good with outboards?

    Are you saying that the problem started after you replaced the gasket? If so I would start there...also, I would pump some fuel into a clear container and make sure that you have good quality fuel, kind of sounds like it could be a water in fuel issue
  10. 119bowhunter

    Issue with floating the sight pin and release timing

    Yep, definitely difficult trying to break bad habits, been there done that...sounds like the OP may have caught his before too much damage was done
  11. 119bowhunter

    Hunting Stereotypes

    They forgot the "guy always on the phone with his wife/girlfriend"...I hunt with a few of those
  12. 119bowhunter

    Meateater buys Firstlite

    I'm a huge fan of Meateater, I own all of Steve's books, listen to all the podcasts and have watched every episode of his show...but my wife ordered me a hat from his website for Christmas with the meateater logo, and when it arrived it was just a plain camo first lite hat...between the two of...
  13. 119bowhunter

    WTB Rifle and/or Scope

    Still looking? I have a Winchester Model 70 Sporter in .300 win mag I may be willing to sell, its a RMEF edition, currently has a Leupold VX-2 4x12x40 mounted but I could sell with or without the scope
  14. 119bowhunter

    I won a Mystery Ranch Selway 60- need advice on what extras yall recommend

    Congrats man, I would pick up a rainfly...I had a lot of stuff in my Metcalf get wet hunting in the snow...going to order myself a rainfly for this season
  15. 119bowhunter

    Orion coolers!

    I've been very pleased with it, I took it on a deer/hog hunt in Georgia in December where we camped out on a coastal island and used it as a food cooler and then brought back a deer and a hog quartered up in it...I also fish a ton of bass tournaments and I've been very impressed with how well it...
  16. 119bowhunter

    Orion coolers!

    Thanks, I picked one up last year, I found a discontinued color on amazon for a 20 or 25% off I think, I went with a 65 too
  17. 119bowhunter

    Flying with fishing rods

    Hello all, I have booked a fishing trip to a fly-in outpost in north west Ontario for this summer, I have actually been on this same trip twice before but the last time I went was 2006 and I was 17 years old so I wasn't the one doing all the booking, we have already booked our cabin but I have...
  18. 119bowhunter


    Yeah I would say you would probably be a medium, I'm actually used to most things not fitting me well as I am unusually sized haha
  19. 119bowhunter


    I typically wear a 29/32...this year first lite started offering tall sizes, but only in medium and large...a small tall probably would've been perfect for me haha