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    Archery - Montana 392

    "kardashians of the hunting world " That is actually really funny LOL. I can think of a few others that may fall under that flag. I'm not against you in teaching your children what is right and what is not right. But for me personally, I'm not bashing "privileged" people online for the world...
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    Spot hogg fast eddie

    Prefer a Montana black gold sight myself. But you cant go wrong with spot hogg. Both are bomb proof
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    Idaho Elk Tags SOLD OUT

    I thought hunter numbers were declining. This doesn't make sense
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    Archery - Montana 392

    Again you sound jealous. As long as he's not poaching and doing it right, he's alright in my book.
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    2019 Goals: What are you shooting for?

    Hoping to put down my first elk. Also drew a rifle antelope tag so i'm really syked for that.
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    Trying to figure out the proper approach to moving out west

    There is a big need for skilled people in Bozeman. There is no shortage of open positions.
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    Archery - Montana 392

    You sound jealous.
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    Best trophy Room I have ever seen

    Pure Gold
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    Bangtail BMA - Bozeman closing?

    wow that really blows, Grazing might be included as I have seen a lot of cattle in there while hiking that bangtail divide trail.
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    Family Vehicle

    That should be enough to tow a 4wheeler :D:P
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    Elite 35

    Perfectly good bow. I have an Elite Synergy myself and its going to be my backup this year simply cause I have it setup with a single pin housing and I don't have an extra multi pin housing lying around. I know a few people who have the E35 and its very similar to the synergy but faster. The...
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    Looking for hunting partners or just likeminded people in the bozemen Montana area.

    well I guess no luck, I will most likely be hunting the crazies and the Bangtail areas semi close to bozeman/livingston areas most every Thursday and Friday an Saturday morning. My better half works each weekend so weekends are mostly out of the question. If anyone is looking to go hunting in...
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    Montana 900-20

    be ready to shoot at a long distance. Stay low and try to come in underneath them if possible out of sight. If you use onx and know exactly where they are, mark it and work your way there staying out of line of sight. Couple things I learned in my attempt. That is a tough animal to sneak up on.
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    Family Vehicle

    lol You have been to bozeman recently. I might possibly be the only 3/4 ton ford with a gas 3valve v10 in this town, and a weiner dog (its my wifes). I think with the excursions, they were just priced out. Ford was just asking to much money at the time and the Suburbans were well known as the...
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    Montana HD 448

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, there is some griz in those mountains. Buddy and I came across a massive scat pile and tracks of a griz I should have took a photo but I was busy hunting :P
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    Just an idea

    I wouldn't support it if it was run by the government. Whats stopping them from taking that money and using it for something else? Charity's like rmef is a better option because that is exactly what they do and they are not part of state or federal government. I would be for adding more...
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    Family Vehicle

    I was going to say the same as above. I have a 2008 f-250 crew cab with an 8 ft bed. You have all the room. Mine seats 6 and even the center seats are as big as a regular seat on most all vehicles. What you lack in gas mileage you make up for in off road ability. Mine has the v10 an electronic...
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    Best state to take up residency

    I live outside of Bozeman in a smaller town. Small enough to not make you feel congested. If you have children that have special needs there is great support here and lots of programs. No shortage of outdoor activity if you like skiing, hiking, power sports, Hunting, fishing. Been here 2 years...
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    Central MT and beyond...

    I am in the Bozeman area but do alot of my hunting in the little belts area. Seems to be less people. Going up there scouting with my 6 year old at the end of the month for the weekend. If you have availability shoot me a pm I'm sure we can figure something out. That goes for anyone else as...