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  1. duckhunt

    Sheep hunt 2019

    Great hunt. I always look forward to your stories.
  2. duckhunt

    Mini goat

  3. duckhunt

    Good Day from Wisconsin

    Welcome from Iowa
  4. duckhunt

    New from OH

    Welcome from Iowa
  5. duckhunt

    New one from MINNESOTA

    Welcome from Iowa
  6. duckhunt

    Boys, I gotta run

    Good luck
  7. duckhunt

    Sheep hunting rule #1

    That would be hard to pass up.
  8. duckhunt

    My 2019 Iowa season

    Managed to pick up another pile of fish last weekend with dad. Decided to fry some up with some cajun fish breading. Fried mozzarella sticks on the side.
  9. duckhunt

    Got it done in Wyoming!

    good job
  10. duckhunt

    John and Chris’s 2019 Roosevelt Adventures

    Great report, looking forward to the beginning of your season
  11. duckhunt

    Albacore tuna

    That looks like a blast.
  12. duckhunt

    Snake river cut

    great stuff
  13. duckhunt

    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    Awsome job
  14. duckhunt

    Top 5 Tags

    Im doing elk, deer, and antelope in Wyoming and elk and deer in Colorado.
  15. duckhunt

    Greetings from SE WY

    Welcome from Iowa
  16. duckhunt

    2018 AK Moose Hunt

    Great video
  17. duckhunt

    Snapping Turtle

    When I was a kid the old boys would always keep in fresh water for about a week. When they would take the turtle out there would be a thick layer of mud in the tank. I guess it cleans em out somehow.
  18. duckhunt

    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome from Iowa
  19. duckhunt

    Hello from Fort Worth, Texas

    Welcome from Iowa