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  1. wytex

    Attractions in Wyoming/SD

    Wyoming football game ? Fishing can be good that time of the year if not too cold. You should take a drive over the Snowy Range on Highway 130 and go visit Saratoga. The drive is very pretty and Saratoga is a neat little western town, with big money. Maybe look into renting a FS cabin for a...
  2. wytex

    Pronghorn in eastern Wyoming.

    Here's what's leftover to buy:
  3. wytex

    WY bison results

    Some years the bears are active well into December. We took a sled and with snow it would have worked well. Tag and Drag hauled mine down the hill and gutted it for me, well worth the $150 not to get exposed to brucellosis and deal with those huge guts. They were on the refuge every day and...
  4. wytex

    First Moose Hunt

    Good gaiters will take the place of rain pants and a breathable rain jacket would be my recommendation. It will last a good while if taken care of to help offset the cost. Lots of good rain jackets out there without spending a ton. Some brands have last years models on close out. Maybe even a...
  5. wytex

    Elk packouts

    A little over a mile, been pretty lucky I guess.
  6. wytex

    Campground near Casper

    Alcova will have great fishing as well. Otherwise you can camp out in the area on the BLM.
  7. wytex

    Campground near Casper

    Which direction from Casper are you hunting? Lots of spots, some BLM that you just pull off and camp but for developed camping try along the river. Also down near Alcova.
  8. wytex

    WY Type 7 for Unit 9 & 10... advice, tips, and pointers.

    pm sent grizzwald22
  9. wytex

    Views from the blind

    How about posting up some pics of things we see from our blinds. We had a waterhole set but no blind for our pronghorn foray this weekend. The water will likely be gone this week. Some doe came in but no shots. Did see some nice mule deer though too. The deer did not get a drink at the waterhole.
  10. wytex

    Wyoming Private Lands - do you like the trespassing laws?

    Not even close.
  11. wytex

    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    Doesn't take long to get a response from someone who enforces the laws. Glad he's gone though. Kelly Todd 7:05 AM (10 minutes ago) to me Hi , as long as they did not look for elk while flying they would be fine. The main purpose for this is the number of people...
  12. wytex

    Fall Bear Hunting in WY

    You'll have to check the quota on sows regularly, is there bear hunting in the Ferris Mts?
  13. wytex

    Wyoming Private Lands - do you like the trespassing laws?

    Not entirely, trespassers get off scot free lots of times. The new bill did not pass and with good reason.
  14. wytex

    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    Maybe ask a GW since they enforce the laws. I will, I know one.
  15. wytex

    Nephews second WY elk

    Nice job! You should have sent the teeth in for aging.
  16. wytex


    Very cool. keep us updated !
  17. wytex

    2019 WY Antelope Live Hunt

    You just might be close to one of our good local breweries. Celebration beer should not be a Colorado beer. Good luck and thanks for sharing your hunt with us!
  18. wytex

    Wyoming state land within an HMA

    Good news.
  19. wytex

    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    Removing the lower leg and hoof at the hock will help a little.
  20. wytex

    Recurve advice for elk.

    If you're up for a road trip, Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear near Denver has many recurves and longbows on the shelf you can shoot. If you go with a take down you can possibly get a second set of limbs for the riser made by the bowyer. I would start at about 40-45 lbs draw...