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    Elk packouts

    7.5 miles deep into the Pecos Wilderness... Thank the lord when the packs were loaded it was all downhill.
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    TC Omega and Blackhorn 209

    I am in the same school of thought with Hank. 100 with a peep as the entire front site will darn near cover up an elk vitals at that range. I was fortunate enough back in the day to be able to afford 2 muzzleloaders. I have a Pro Hunter that is set up with optics, and an Omega set up with a...
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    Leaving camp in co backcountry?

    I don't hide anything. I guess I am just hopeful in humanity, but only thing left in camp is food/tent/bag. Food would suck if it was stolen. I do leave my vehicle completely unlocked at the trailhead though. I figure I would rather they open the doors and look for something ( there is...
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    CVA Wolf and Blackhorn 209

    I have had great accuracy success with the Hornady FPB in 350 gr and 110 gr of Blackhorn and a peep sight on my TC Omega. I use the Federal 209 primer as well. Easy to load as well. Only one animal taken with that combo, my friend, but I watched as he drilled a muley at 185 yards through...
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    Near Misses - Sharing Invaluable Life Experiences

    Colorado 1998. My first ever western hunt. 24 years old. I had dropped a nice cow elk during the third season and I marked the spot with my GPS and hiked back down to the truck to get some help from friends who had the 4 wheelers. We started back up the trail and when we were at the...
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    Best Boots??

    Everybody's feet are different. Mine like Miendls. NO matter what you choose, they must be well broken in. Wear good quality socks, pack extra ones and change them out if you think your feet are getting sweaty. I like the Bass Pro lifetime wool sock.
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    Better binos vs spotting scope

    I am similar to ScottP. 8x42 Meopro HD's on my chest and Vortex 15x60's in the pack with a tripod (when I know I am going to be glassing alot). I personally prefer binos to a spotter, but that is just me. Two falls ago we were in the Weminuche Wilderness and used those 15's to glass bucks...
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    Best state to take up residency

    Hank we spent almost 4 years in Kansas City. North Kansas City. Favorite city we have lived in to raise a family, best food period ( only need the mexican joints to serve "Christmas" on top of anything). Oppressive humidity in summer.... Whitetail hunting on public around the city was...
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    Best state to take up residency

    We lived in New Mexico from Nov 14 to Nov 15. It is by far the both my wife and I's favorite place we have lived ( 7 states in 14 years) as it pertains to weather. Absolutely gorgeous. We lived in Rio Rancho. Outdoor opportunities abound. All sorts of fishing. Hunting was great. Yes it is...
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    I start with 30 and move up to 65 and use that weight for at least 2 months before hunt time. I wear mine to mow the grass, do yard work, etc.. My pack in usually is around 70-75 but each year I get that weight down at least 5 pounds by cleaning up my gear list. I have had to pack out 100+...
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    Blackhorn/TC Pro hunter range day

    I have never had an issue with hang fires. I use the Federal shot shell primer (blue box). Loading is pretty easy compared to other stuff I used to use. This last range trip I never even swabbed the barrel or anything. Accuracy does not degrade for me either with a dirty barrel.
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    Backpack Camp Set Up

    I sleep very hot so I rarely wear anything other than underwear and a wool cap to bed and usually by 2am my 30 degree bag gets unzipped even when the weather is in the 20's. In the past I have used a North Face 3 man with my 30 degree bag and an Alps air pad, my partner uses a mummy bag with...
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    Basics of elk hunting for a flat lander

    Learn how to pressure breathe. My last trip was from St. Louis (600 Feet above sea level) to North of Durango CO where we packed in and camped at 11,300 and hunted above 12,000. Being 43 at the time (2 years ago) I was worried about going that high so fast. I drove all the way to ABQ in one...
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    Necessary Equipment for Backpack Hunting

    To add on to Bambistew #6... break them in well before you head west. Miles deep in the backcountry is not a place you want a bad blister showing up. I currently have 4 pairs of Meindls and once my foot slips in I don't even know I have boots on.
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    Basics of elk hunting for a flat lander

    Yeah I can't stress the importance of training your body for the weight of the pack, especially if you packing in as well. I have a big chain and a set of snow chains for the truck that I strap on to my pack. 65 pounds of weight simulates a good pack weight for me. I cut the grass while...
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    Luxe Megahorn Tipi (4p)

    I also have a LO 18", but I run a jimmy tarps Hudson. Love the stove. Easy setup and it rolls up/nests really nice.
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    Blackhorn/TC Pro hunter range day

    Took some time this weekend and hit the range. I will be carrying the muzzleloader this fall in New Mexico so there is no time like now to shoot all summer. I run a Burris 2x7x35 FFII with Ballistic Plex and my projectiles are Hornady 350gr RN, Speer 350 Hotcore FP, or Kodiak RN ( all .458)...
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    Looking for a scope

    2x7x35 Burris FFII with the Ballistic Plex. Like Hank I am not a big fan of the BP, but I have to say it works on my TC Prohunter. With the Ballistic plex the crosshairs are dead on ( naturally) and the second hash down lines up perfectly at 200 yards. That scope was on a slug gun for 5 or...
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    Meopta Customer Service

    Just want to give a shout out to Meopta. Two falls ago at 12,500 feet north of Durango my diopter adjustment on my Meopro 8x42's took a crap and left me basically without close range optics on day one of a 5 day hunt. Luckily we were doing a lot of glassing with our 16x binos. I have a...
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    New to Iron Sights

    Longtail, were 6-10 shot from a clean or dirty barrel? Both my T/C's shoot way better with a dirty barrel. Make sure to seat the projectile the same way every time. Sounds elementary and if you are doing that I apologize. Just trying to help. And in my experience ( with both my T/C's)...