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  1. jquigley

    Quick Turnaround European Mounts

    I've done this, but end up losing the delicate bones that look so cool when do it well. Definitely might be the route I go in a pinch!
  2. jquigley

    Quick Turnaround European Mounts

    Thanks for the tips! Might throw the sous vide rig in my pack just in case we tag out with a few days to get the skull cleaned up. Being able to drive it home would save a bundle.
  3. jquigley

    Quick Turnaround European Mounts

    Find this seriously tempting. May have to get a moose skull back from Alaska and this might be the way to go. I assume you've got the bag around the skull to keep the grossness out of the circulator on the Annova? What temp and how long did you end up running it?
  4. jquigley

    Fairbanks Hotels with Freezer Space

    Headed up to Alaska for the first time with @theat in a couple weeks to do a float trip for Moose and Caribou. I've been calling around to see what hotels might have some freezer space available for boxes of meat and am having trouble getting terribly clear answers. Does anyone have any...
  5. jquigley

    Iguana (Chicken of the trees) - Anyone ever try this?

    Never had the pleasure but I'd love to try some! You get it and I'll serve it at Field to Table next year so Mrs. Fin can't give you the boot.
  6. jquigley

    BHA Edition Benchmade Altitude 15200 Knife - $150

    Have another of the same knife available, without the BHA logo, so to the top!
  7. jquigley

    Vortex Viper HD 10x42 Binoculars $400 TYD

    Have a used pair of Vortex Vipers in good condition for sale. Will include the harness, straps and box sent from Vortex. Lens caps are missing but it's been kept in a harness throughout its life. Any questions feel free to ask. $400 shipped to the lower 48.
  8. jquigley

    New Mexico Oryx Bull

    Congrats, that's one of those top 5 dream hunts. Glad you finally got the chance!
  9. jquigley

    truck tire opinions

    I was concerned about noise on the KO2's as well. Finally bit the bullet and put them on my Colorado, they are immensely improved over the original KOs, wouldn't let the noise scare you off.
  10. jquigley

    Newbie bino/tripod question

    Depending on which one you're using, there are a couple methods. If you're using this one, I left mine attached to the tripod plate in my pack with the screw always attached to my binos. I've since switched to their uni-dapter and it will fit in my bino harness still attached to the glass.
  11. jquigley

    BHA Edition Benchmade Altitude 15200 Knife - $150

    Sold. Thanks!
  12. jquigley

    BHA Edition Benchmade Altitude 15200 Knife - $150

    Here you go, brand new
  13. jquigley

    BHA Edition Benchmade Altitude 15200 Knife - $150

    Blaze orange handle, First Lite Fusion Kydex sheath, engraved with the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers logo. $150 shipped to the lower 48.
  14. jquigley

    First Elk - Pics

    Huge congrats! That's a hell of an adventure and a great bull!
  15. jquigley

    Who here uses trekking poles?

    They often just stay in the pack, but they're light enough it's nice to know they are there for pack outs.
  16. jquigley

    Jason Hairston

    Thoughts go out to his family and friends.
  17. jquigley

    Got my Buck back

    Super cool buck, congrats!