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    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    Still perfectly legal to fly into landlocked public. Just can't fly to locate game.
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    No non-resident hunting on Wyoming wilderness unless you have a Guide - when are you all going to fight this?

    It’s funny to me how many people here feel this has anything to do with Game and Fish. This solely has to do with WYOGAs stranglehold on the legislature. The wilderness rule is in state statute. The same can be said for what just happened with the NR draw app deadline and draw date.
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    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    You were taught incorrectly.
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    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    When's the last time you saw a bear in damn Scranton?
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    Yellowstone wolf population is declining

    Are you really trying to suggest that a species that is being reintroduced to the area (they weren't some other larger subspecies as people suggest), which were extirpated, but still lived less than 700 miles away is comparable to cheat grass, which is native to Europe? Really?
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    North Dakota Bull Elk Hunt

    Good luck to you. I'll be following along.
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    What’s the worst item you’ve lost?

    My wallet when I was 14. Had my license and $50 in it.
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    Wyoming state land within an HMA

    The border usually follows a fence line.
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    Wyoming state land within an HMA

    Hopefully you talked to Jason Sherwood about your specific situation. And keep in mind that things vary by region in some circumstances (like @madtom mentioned, so its best to speak the the Access coordinator in the region you are hunting with your specific situation.
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    Wyoming state land within an HMA

    That's a no.
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    Another State Adding Sandhill Cranes

    Swan can actually be done now as they are classified as a game bird. It certainly appears that WI and MI are up against giant fights to get crane seasons, especially with ICF spreading their propaganda.
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    Another State Adding Sandhill Cranes

    ICF is in Baraboo and they will rally the troops every time it comes up. At this point it is out of the DNRs hands as it requires legislative action before cranes can be a game species in Wisconsin.
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    Another State Adding Sandhill Cranes

    Keep in mind the RMP population is ~20k birds. And 6 separate states hunt them. We know how to manage cranes.
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    Bundyville... the podcast

    If my memory of the podcast serves me correctly, the host was about as middle of the road on the issues as they come. Some of the mormon things I wasn't aware about and brought an interesting perspective.
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    Teal decoys

    I know you said you don't use spinners. But I would highly recommend getting a mojo dove for teal. Teal really like the fast spinning wings.
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    Outside Mag on the NEPA process

    The NEPA process and frankly the ESA needs to be completely overhauled. The only thing that is scary is what happens when you open Pandora's box.
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    Wait...That Ain't Right

    Is that the one that had to be moved because it was becoming a little to friendly with some horses?
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    archery sandhill crane?

    Its a pretty even split of which states allow it and which states don't. ND is a state that doesn't.
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    White tale guys

    This is exactly correct.
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    Michigan AG to US Fish and Wildlife Service: Abandon your flawed proposal on gray wolves

    If you aren't familiar with what went on then, how can you possibly have a frame of reference to know it won't happen again? I'll repeat my original stance, applying this rule to the lower 48 won't fly.