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    Attractions in Wyoming/SD

    Not sure how far you want to drive west, but the Little Bighorn Battlefield where Custer met his demise would be a couple hundred miles west of the SD-WY border on I90 just into Montana. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming Area 10

    I live within 20 miles of the areas you describe above and even though those deer and antelope may be causing some crop damage, the chances of getting landowner permission to shoot even a doe is mighty, mighty slim. Those ranches are either leased to outfitters or "outfitted" by the landowners...
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    Anybody used Maven Optics?

    I used a pair of B1 10x42 binocs at work for a couple years and they are very good glass. I would say well worth the money. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming - flying aircraft over private to access public land

    WyLionHunter: Your location says you are from Sheridan. Go into the Sheridan G&F office and ask to talk to Craig Smith. The Wyoming law as it stands now does not prohibit you from flying into a piece of land (if landing on said land is legal) if you or the pilot of the aircraft flies DIRECTLY...
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    Wyoming BLM Hunting

    You are not familiar with western land politics are you Dundee? ClearCreek
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    Wyoming 2019 Tags

    When the licenses get too heavy to haul around, tear some of it off and make the animal carry it!! ClearCreek
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    Wyoming unit 23

    Don't forget 102 and 109. ClearCreek
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    West Nile in Sage Grouse

    The only big game hunters that may find dead sage-grouse fresh enough to detect West Nile Virus (WNV) would be those hunting the last half of August (archery antelope hunters) or those archery or rifle hunting in early September. Let's hope that by the middle of September the weather is cool...
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    Wyoming 2019 Tags

    Nope. Still waiting, probably in the next week or so. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming 2019 Tags

    Me too. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming 2019 Tags

    Highly doubtful, but you can try. ClearCreek
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    Kaycee, WY

    November weather can be just as variable, and probably more variable, as October. By mid-November some or most of the higher elevation roads could be impassable due to snow or they could all be wide open and dry. Years ago I hunted white-tailed deer west of Kaycee in mid November and the...
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    Where does all the rifle BS come from?

    So what happens when you shoot a similar size watermelon at say 50 yards with a center fire rifle and an arrow have any relevance here?? ClearCreek
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    Crow treaty rights, thoughts?

    Oh, there are plenty, they have been killing deer and elk and cutting the heads off and leaving the rest to spoil for many years. ClearCreek
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    Kaycee, WY

    The weather the last half of September (archery season) can be pretty nice, but could be warm or even hot at times or you can experience an early snow. In October the weather can range from hot with temps in the high 80's to a full blown blizzard with considerable snow, etc. If you are not...
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    Chris Brackett Sentenced Yesterday

    When did this punishment come about? What sort of enforcement coordination world wide took place to get this type of law into place? Don't get me wrong, I wish it were true, but I just don't think the extensive negotiations among countries occurred that would allow this to happen. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming Unit 16 HELP!!!!!

    This info for Wyoming: You may have a difficult time getting the wardens cell phone number. If you need to contact them, you can call the local county sheriff's office (SO) and ask if they have radio contact with the warden. The SO should have radio contact with the warden via the statewide...
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    This is what's wrong with hunting.

    Madtom: Calling the G&F (or whatever your Dept. is called) does not guarantee you access to private land where your wounded animal died. In Wyoming if your wounded animal crosses onto private land and the land owner denies you permission to retrieve that animal, calling the local game warden...
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    The recovery of Yellowstone Lake

    Considering there are over 200 (around 230-240) different items that grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem consume for food, there is a reason they are considered generalists when it comes to diet. ClearCreek
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    What else to do in WY?

    Sage grouse season will be over by October. Blue (Dusky) grouse, ruffed grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, Chukar and Gray (Hungarian) partridge seasons will be open in October. Sharp-tailed grouse can only be hunted east of the Continental Divide in Wyoming. ClearCreek