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    Kimber 8400 mountain ascent

    Any company can have a lapse in quality control. Best option is to go over things as soon as you get a new rifle home. But after you have had it awhile, companies may not be willing to help fix a problem. I would bet a little bedding compound would go a long way towards better accuracy on most...
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    HT gun experts - Am I missing something on this Weatherby?

    I would pass on a 22" Weatherby magnum. Someone's ruined those rifles. A 24" would be a little easier to live with but the muzzle rise and boom from that rifle wouldn't make it user friendly.
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    Kimber 8400 mountain ascent

    Tinker with the bullet seating depth. Mine liked them long as I could fit in the box and still cycle. Some need a more running start. Seat one as long as you can cycle and see if it can be closed okay without a hard bolt. Then seat them progressively dealer as you test for accuracy. Don't forget...
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    Kimber 8400 mountain ascent

    I don't have any experience with the rifle you have. But have plenty of time spent loading for the .300 win mag. 165gr. Nosler BT 77gr R-22 180gr. Accubond 79gr R-26 Winchester Magnum primers As is always recommend, start low (3-5gr) and work up. I average 1/2" or better groups with these...
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    Douglas barrels????

    Thanks for the good word guys. I know they were well known for accuracy in the 70s and into the early 90s. Good to hear they are still doing good work.
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    Douglas barrels????

    I hadn't planned to order from whomever, till March 2020. But the black Friday sale thing is worth checking out. Douglas manufacturing is around 4+ hour drive from me, as I can tell. I had planned on going there to personally place my order and drop off my action for installation. I wanted to...
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    Douglas barrels????

    Has anyone here purchased from or shot a rifle with a Douglas barrel on it? I am going to do a build in the spring and their price is hard to beat. Thanks
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    Crispi Nevada Legend 9.5

    Sorry to hear that. I unfortunately have hobit feet.
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    Crispi Nevada Legend 9.5

    Width size?
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    Accubonds... Jump?

    I have found accuracy at different seating depth to be a very rifle specific item. The throat of your rifle will have to answer the proper seating depth question. I have also found the seating depth to be the key to tightening a group after powder charge is found. I load the first rounds as long...
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    Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 6x24x50 SOLD

    Maybe Mr. Eshelman is on vacation?
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    Nosler brass question

    Certainly nothing wrong with being as consistent as possible from the ground up when reloading. If it gives you piece of mind , then I'm all for it. But it isn't a super big deal for all to be within a couple grains of each other. Tight groups can still be had at reasonable distance. I sure like...
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    Cooper/Swaro/Talley - Aargh!

    I see a hear talk of tally rings alot. This is the first I have heard of a problem. But, for my money, regular old Leupold standard dovetail bases and rings have never failed on any rifle I have. The .338 wm and .300 wm are what I have had them on the longest with no trouble. They are really...
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    Nosler brass question

    300 win mag Winchester brass that is within only around 8 grains average weight of each other Produces consistent less than 1/2" groups at the hundred. Powder and bullet seating depth are much more important than case weight average. Case capacity is more accurately measured with water fill...
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    Wyoming pronghorn HELP!!!!!!

    Hopefully you can let us all know of you free a tag, and what type and unit. I have only hunted 22 for antelope does. But, I'm glad to share any information I can provide.
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    Interesting case

    Sounds like EHD to me. But deer that I have seen in that state were all near water and in a day or two, died. The local biologists usually come to collect sample tissue. But here in West Virginia it seems they don't make any effort to let the land owner know the results of the tests. You have to...
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    Question regarding Browning Hells Canyon Long Range Rifle Stock

    Many times this can be addressed by bedding the recoil lug while an appropriate thickness of tape wrapped on the barrel, just in front of the chamber, holds it all centered. It doesn't take much compound to hold it where it belongs. It could be an issue if the stock can easily flex to cause it...
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    Spot hogg fast eddie

    Paul, I have attempted to message you about the vortex scope you have posted in the classified section. Maybe you didn't get a message from me for some reason. Please let me know if you are still interested in a trade for the model scope you listed as the one you would like. Sorry to have to...
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    First time loading Nosler Partitions

    I'm not to convinced that the so called annealing of a bullet works any better. In the case of the SST, the heat needed to get it hot enough to have any affects, would have to melt the tip. Maybe on non tipped bullets. But that's something I have never even considered trying. Basically trying to...
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    Vortex Viper PST Gen 1 6x24x50 SOLD

    Would be nice to get a reply or at least a post as to wether this item is still available for trade or sale.