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    Minnesota 2019 Season

    When you receive an email from the DNR that starts with “Congratulations”, good news follows! I received notification that I was drawn for a special archery hunt on a WMA today. This is the 5th year I’ve put in with no success, and apparently this is my year. They will be sending out...
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    Views from the blind

    those are great pics!
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    New one from MINNESOTA

    Welcome, from just down the road!!
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    First hunting experience (not good)

    Tough situation but as most others have said, if you hunt long enough you're bound to have something like this happen. Does it suck? 100%. Does it ever get better? Absolutely not. I don't think you should give up, and it sounded like you're in a good head space based on your followup. You...
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    Sweet! Love the pics.
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    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome from the south Metro!
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    Minnesota 2019 Season

    Shot 3D this morning and it was one of the tougher courses they’d set up this summer. Tough, but very fun and a great day to be out there. I ended up shooting 297 on 34 targets, for 8.73 average. There were a few targets that I was quite frustrated with but overall, I’m happy with the result!
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    Minnesota 2019 Season

    MBRB drew last night and I awoke to positive news! This will be my second time hunting this particular park and I'm very excited for the opportunity. Next steps are to attend the orientation meeting in mid-September, which is where zones are chosen and hunt sites start to get dialed in...
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    Damn whitetails,,,,,,

    Sign me up to take care of that specific problem for you!
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    New Bow?

    Appreciate the responses. I’m very comfortable with my current setup so I won’t be switching until after the new year. That’ll make a nice Christmas present to myself! I’m familiar with a few of the shops around town, and have done a bit of research on who offers what. My plan as of now is to...
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    New Bow?

    Thanks both for the advice. My analytical side definitely says wait until after the season and take my time shopping, for reasons you've noted. I have no affinity to any brand so I'll just be looking for whichever one is most comfortable for me.
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    New Bow?

    Good to know, thanks! The other thing I’m battling is my season starting in a month. I’m undecided if I just go for it now, or give it one more season with my current setup and buy a new one in the winter/spring. Decisions decisions.
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    New Bow?

    I'm trying really hard to simultaneously talk myself into and out of a new bow. I'm not dropping a grand on one and would be more in the budget side of things. My current bow (PSE XForce Axe 6) is about 10 years old. Shootability is number 1 on my list, followed by smoothness and probably speed...
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    Ben's 2019 Semi-live hunt log

    Sounds like the makings of a fun fall! I've always wanted to get into waterfowl, but never could figure it out and struggle mightily. I'll follow along.
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    Nevada success!

    Well done! Love the velvet.
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    Season 7 - now on Amazon Prime

    Watched the bison episode last night and it was amazing. Such a fun hunt to watch! This morning I watched the NM elk hunt with Jimmer. One thing I admire about Randy and the whole crew is their willingness to publish episodes where no shots happen. We all know that’s the reality most hunts...
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    Minnesota 2019 Season

    In anticipation of the MBRB drawing this I took the proficiency test and passed. I was hoping for sharpshooter to have all the hunts as options, but pulled my third shot a bit and ended up standard. Fortunately the hunt I’m eyeing for both first and second choice are undersubscribed now, so...
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    Minnesota 2019 Season

    Decided to take an afternoon off work and do a bit of scouting. I’ve been to this piece before, but there was some significant road construction next to it a while back and it’s been a few seasons. The area I had in mind is the furthest from the parking lot and somewhere I’ve only been in the...
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    Any saddle hunters on HT?

    I am. They take some getting used to but I’m comfortable now. The biggest reasons I went with them was portability. I can’t leave anything on the public land I hunt, and I liked that these are light and can fit into my pack with ease. I have the 5 step ladder with the aider for additional height.
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    Any saddle hunters on HT?

    I'm 6'2" ~255 and the XL mantis fits well. I certainly don't feel unsecure in it! The ropeman is the ascender that you hook the caribiner into. It allows one way movement, goes up but not down. It's easy to adjust single handed and is much more user friendly than the prussik that comes stock...