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    240 weatherby

    I've never used it but it should be lights out on pronghorn and deer. I'd probably rather have a .257 but that's neither here nor there. Factory ammo could be somewhat hard to come by and is probably expensive.
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    Small Game opportunities around Craig in Sept

    I think Sage grouse season is in that mid-September time frame and as far as I know there is good habitat up that way. You'll probably run into blue/dusky grouse while chasing elk too.
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    How much gun is too much?

    An old guide once told me that you can't kill anything too dead. Enjoy the hunt.
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    Snake river cut

    That's a slab of a cuttie for the Gros Ventre! No doubt a lot of those tributaries are awesome!
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    Crested Butte camping management changes

    Yikes! I'm sure this will have a ripple effect throughout the rest of the state as well. It is amazing how many people are out recreating these days. Just about every time I've been backpacking I have found all sorts of waste. From wrappers, etc to human waste that isn't buried and toilet paper...
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    1st vs 4th season CO

    Keep in my 1st season can also be pretty nasty. Last season was crazy cold for a backpack camp and we had to scratch our original plan because the roads were a mess. This is more likely to be the case but just be sure to have a couple options in your back pocket. First rifle is a cool time to be...
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    Binos on a tripod... yet again

    I have the Vortex Summit SS-P I think its called. Like you said, the legs are kind of a pain in the ass, but other than that it works pretty well. Plenty stable with a relatively heavy set of 10x42 nocs. Compacts plenty for throwing in the pack. It actually fits in the top lid of my MR Metcalf.
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    First hunting experience (not good)

    I had a pretty gruesome experience with an antelope as well but it was with a rifle. I'll spare the details but I had to shoot him multiple times at very close range to finish him off. Extremely tough to watch him struggle for what seemed like an eternity but was probably 20 minutes. Luckily, a...
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    2019 WY elk take 2

    I don't believe it! You can't kill an elk with a 6mm! Haha well done!
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    unit 37 Co.

    Don't think there are any elk in there...
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    Game Processors-CO Front Range

    My brother just became a butcher. Given the situation in the Front Range, I'm going to try to convince him to start a place out here sometime down the road. He could make a killing!
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    Afton/Alpine WY last minute camping suggestions

    Camp along the Greys River and fish!!
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    Wild game consumed in your home

    I'm on a mission to only eat wild game and not buy any meat from the store. I get some pork fat from a friend who raises pigs every now and again (hopefully he continues...). Given the issues with food production in this country, my wife and I would like to remove ourselves as much as possible...
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    Leaving camp in co backcountry?

    Damn, I didn't realize this was a concern. I've always just left everything in my tent other than stuff that needs to go in a bear bag even in popular camping areas. Never had an issue, but maybe I'll reconsider.
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    NEMO Equipment Coupon code

    There are some clubs that you can join that give you access to expert voice. American alpine club comes to mind. It's like $75 annually, so if you want to buy some stuff it could be worth it.
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    How the heck do I carry a 100+ lb moose quarter?

    Shoot it very close to a river. Put meat in an inflatable and float it out!
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    Shout out to Big Agnes

    My tent is heading back to them this week for a busted buckle. Hopefully I'll have the same results everyone is talking about!
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    CO Tag placement on quartered elk.

    I've attached it to the "butchers handle" before and it works well with a zip tie or the like. It's the big tendon on the rear quarter just above the knee.
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    Which to shoot: Young or Old?

    Watch the Meateater episode where Steve and Brody hunt in CO. Bigger buck = more meat!
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    Colorado Elk

    Good luck, 1st rifle is a good time to be in the woods