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  1. Nick_CO

    Best resource for finding a spot for 37’ travel trailer for CO Elk hunt?

    If your set on going primitive with a big rig, one resource could be Google Earth. Look for large pulloffs and turnarounds on National Forest or BLM land adjacent to a maintained County Road. Safest bet is private Campgrounds / RV Parks. If you go this route make reservations ahead of time...
  2. Nick_CO

    Game Processors-CO Front Range

    I've had animals processed at Steve's. I'd rather take my chance at Stan's lol.
  3. Nick_CO

    CO Deer/Bear

    Seems like I average about 1 bear sighting per rifle hunt I go on. Largest one I saw was 4th season a few years ago. So yeah, get yourselves a bear tag. Why not? Especially OTC hunters. I wouldn't bother if I just used 15 points on a muley hunt or something, but otherwise go for it. I...
  4. Nick_CO

    Hey rafters, how do you clean your raft?

    But you should leave the marks on the boat, that way you know exactly where you had your frame when you rig it next. :D
  5. Nick_CO

    Hey rafters, how do you clean your raft?

    +1 on coating with 303 after its clean and dry, before storage. It only takes a few minutes and will definitely prolong the life of your boat.
  6. Nick_CO

    Colorado bowhunters, please grab a bear tag too

    I'm going specifically for bear this September while my buddies are archery Elk hunting. We are packing in with the llamas so it will be interesting to see how they react to packing bear out.
  7. Nick_CO

    Game Processors-CO Front Range

    Arapahoe Meat Co. about 25 minutes North of Denver. Used them many times when I lived in that region and was very happy. They are very busy, wild game processing is only a fraction of what they do so I only recommend them to in-state hunters due to longer turnaround times occasionally.
  8. Nick_CO

    CO leftover day

    I feel for all of you guys. I was a victim of the spinning death wheel last year. Not fun, glad I drew this year. Back at it next year though probably.
  9. Nick_CO

    Non-hunting packs?

    I carry a few 4 ft long cam straps for big awkard loads. They have really come in handy for strapping items to the outside of the pack if necessary. You may be getting creative if you have to haul meat out along with all of your backpacking gear.
  10. Nick_CO

    Gear list for late season Colorado mule deer hunt.

    My focus during 4th season hunts is usually on the lowest elevation land I can access. Normally in Colorado, the lower you go the less public land so you may be hunting smaller parcels. ATV is your call since none of us know what area you are hunting. Are there a lot of Forest Service or BLM...
  11. Nick_CO

    CO Black Bear Units 20/29/38

    Bears scattered all around those units. There aren't really any go-to spots with likely habitat such as scrub oak stands. I would find public land adjacent to campgrounds or other areas with dumpsters and food smells.
  12. Nick_CO

    Colorado Unit 551

    ☝ Applies to just about every OTC area. It would help if you told us what unit your friends are hunting. I was assuming you wanted to find an area that would be close to where they were hunting so y'all could share the same camp.
  13. Nick_CO

    Wall tent Pros/Cons

    Wall tents are great for hunting with groups where everyone pitches in to setup and chop wood for the stove and such. I have found them to be valuable when hunting with people of varying abilities since you can all essentially go your own way and meet back up at the end of the day where a warm...
  14. Nick_CO

    Colorado Unit 551

    Sounds like your friends are hunting 56 and 561? The boundary between 551 and 56/561 is one of the most vertical rugged boundaries in the state. Just mentioning that because though you may be hunting just one unit over, you probably won't have contact with your friends, at least not in the...
  15. Nick_CO

    Am I overthinking it?? Co OTC unit

    Unless changing units will equal an extra day or two of hunting by eliminating drive time or some other external factor, then stay. When you only get a week or 10 days to hunt every year, the accumulated knowledge of an area becomes very valuable. Had you hunted hard and not seen a single Elk...
  16. Nick_CO

    New knife.

    I'll have to check those out they look nice. I already have a knife I like but a good blade is a great gift to other hunters in the family around Christmas time.
  17. Nick_CO

    An idea to make public lands more profitable

    Exactly. I wonder how many Backcountry Rangers would have to be employed to enforce that? USFS land is already grossly underpatrolled by existing enforcement. Example; one USFS LE Ranger for the entirety of the Arapahoe/Roosevelt National Forest East of the continental divide. That's a massive...
  18. Nick_CO

    How far away?

    Last cow I shot was 1.5 miles one way, all of which was off trail but thankfully downhill. The first trip I took way too much and was practically dead after having to go over and around so much downfall. My wife met me for the second trip and between the two of us we got the rest out. There...
  19. Nick_CO

    Clolorado OTC second thoughts

    You are the exception then, not the norm. Good for you. 3 for 6 on OTC public land as a non res is not just luck. 👍
  20. Nick_CO

    On the cheap?

    Before I ever went on my first backpack hunting trip I was already a longtime backpacker with main objectives of getting to good backcountry fishing locations. Switching from fishing to hunting was pretty easy, i dropped some items and added some items. If I were you I would start backpacking...