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    Idaho Bull takes Trip To PA

    Dwarshak was flat enough for me thanks was a great trip except for that damn hyway 12 longest road i have ever been on in my life yea i got pics will get them up when i get them done
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    Idaho Bull takes Trip To PA

    ummmmmmmmmmmmm never changed my profile after i moved i guess i'm west of Uniontown by the way
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    Idaho Bull takes Trip To PA

    well filled my freezer with a mossie sized Idaho bull. Sorry Oscar 1 less spike for you to shoot at. Shot and got the only bull I saw the full moon fog and rain I think had them in a cave someplace. Anyway as I was watering the weeds I had a young bull bark at me ( rest of camp thinks he was...
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    I'm almost Ashamed ...

    I'm the only thing here close to normal Welcome all fresh meat errr I mean newbies. for all you old coots I"M BACK
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    Where to Hunt in Colorado?

    well I for 1 will still hunt CO I saw 1 elk there once know theres another someplace
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    Idaho elk unit 10-A

    we are hunting the north end of the Dwarshack Resv where the clearwater empties into the resv. Granddad Bridage area i believe. thanks for the reply
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    Idaho elk unit 10-A

    anyone know much about this area? be hunting it opening week rifle season. any info is greatly appreciated
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    How much time to Debone an ELK ?

    i have only done 2 elk in my life 2 of us shot ours at 10:30 am was hanging in camp at 3. never timed it out though and packing was done with the polaris the one before it in 2000 was shot at 11:15 on the meat pole by 2 but 6 guys packing to nothing boned just quartered <FONT...
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    Deer Kill Thread for total

    1 doe with shotgun
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    Elk apps

    just got my ID elk tag in the mail today
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    Cabela's Rifle Scopes

    i use Cabelas Alaskan Guide Series on both my 300's they have both preformed way beyong my expectations both are 3x12x52 with 30mm tubes 1 is 4 years old other is just under a year
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    Iowa Whitetail

    oh yea forgot you whitetail guys might like this site Iowa deer
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    Iowa Whitetail

    no wonder we never see any decent bucks they never let them grow. anyway i know more about this but cant say yet all i can say is supposedly it was filmed and will be out soon in a new hunting vid. I'll dig up more in March on it at the deer classic here
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    3 GREAT HUNTS to be given away

    just the 3 hunts this time around man you guys want everything
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    3 GREAT HUNTS to be given away

    I'll keep a couple hidden for ya