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    Early season elk patterns?

    I have to say that I’m reading this post one month later and finishing my archery hunt in Colorado with zero success. Yes I learned a lot about sign where they were and where they might go. I also have to say, that their range is vast. There is so much country for them to range around. Plenty...
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    WTS: Garmin Montana 680

    Do you still have this unit for sale?
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    Colorado 31/32

    I know this thread is older but I recently talked to rangers and information about elk seemed positive. The country look big for sure and steep. I’m not afraid to get out I. The wildness and bivvy. Is 32 a good unit and does 31 have potential? If I’m not even close I have a few other spots...
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    CO leftover day

    my deer choices were gone in about 8 min. I tried to call but busy...(still busy as of this timestamp). Then I used the internet and got in the queue but after 8 min the tags i wanted were gone. Lesson learned, next year I will definitely go big or go Anyways, there is always OTC...
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    My Two-year HOWA Experiment

    Gotta say that im very excited about this rifle combo that Howa, Leupold, and Randy are coming out with. I’ve been scouting for a mountain rifle in 300 win mag; actually was looking at a Weatherby Mark V but this option looks very favorable. :) I’m curios to see the price point; I’m definitely...
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    New tires

    I have had good luck with Hankook tires in the past. You really have to read the print on the sidewall for tread wear and warranty. Finding a person who really knows quality tires is far and few between these days. Most people only want cheap rubber. You get what you pay for in the end. Anyways...
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    New tires

    Toyo’s. Been having the best luck with Toyo last two pair. Firestone’s go bald way to fast on my truck.
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    New tires

    I just broke down and put new tires on my truck last week. First thing I said was,”at least I’ll have new tires to go hunting”. ....lmao!! Just chuckling when I read your post. Your kids are troopers. God bless! :)
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    Colorado OTC unit 22 & 211

    I have been pretty quiet on huntalk lately. I have been gathering gear, hiking to get in shape a lot, and e-scouting to find access for elk hotspots; this includes listening and reading massive amounts of articles and listening to podcasts on how to hunt elk successfully. There is sooo much...
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    Preparing for mid November

    Literally, bought a short handled shovel for this upcoming hunting season. Also, a woodsman axe. But yes, a chainsaw would be better. 4 wheel Drive is a must that time of the year. Chains too. A heavy set of chains help big time.
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    If you had to choose just one caliber???

    Quoted from an Alaskan guide, “when your hunting deer, elk, or moose it’s fine to carry your 243, 270, or 7mm-08; but when you come across that brown bear you weren’t hunting the ballgame just changed”. The guide recommended 300 Remington ultramag 200 grain at least. I myself am switching to300...
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    Kenetrek boot fit advice.

    Went with the schnees beartooth II. if they don’t fit; then I’ll mail them back and try the Kenetreks. I did find a sock system for keeping my feet warm and dry (liners then with wool & synthetic materials). This should work great for keeping dry and warm. I’ve aleays used heavy wool sox for...
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    Commercial Backpack meal brands

    I’m looking at opinions for my elk hunt this fall. Although the prepackaged mountain house meals are tempting; I’d rather do some of my own legwork to have more variety. There are great options with dried meats (actually going to make my own beef jerky sliced and hamburger style), single...
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    Colorado Elk and Mule Deer & Units ???

    I went with GAS. Gotta say that I’m very impressed. Quality is much better. My bowshop highly recommended them and ordered them direct. So far so good. Thank you for the advise! Apparently, all strings stretch slightly. We will see how these hold up. I’ll keep you posted. My bow will be ready...