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    What weight merino for September elk?

    Kuiu zip off bottoms are life changing!
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    Free offer to help HTers with their e-scouting - nothing but feedback in return - so I can practice.

    I think this should be publicly posted on the forum. Each unit, broke down, so we can all chime in........ right.... drop down menu based on ppl who have hunted it, their pictures, kills, where they camped, number of bugles heard(and let out), food eaten, ect....... and if not, i would def be...
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    Mid-day rut elk tactics

    Drink red bulls and fuggin send it!!! Midday i pull out all the stops... YOLO
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    Kifaru 8-man tipi/stove

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    Successfully Drew Colorado Sheep Unit S32

    Haha... totally talking outa my ass. I havnt killed or ate lope meat since i was in highschool. We ate an 11 yr old bighorn from ND a couple years ago and it was the worst meat ive tasted. but this whole thread is crazy. Id go sheep huntin over goat hunting anyday of the week.
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    Successfully Drew Colorado Sheep Unit S32

    Times are tough... speed goat meat is waaay better then sheep.
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    Montana Moose Sheep and Goat results!!

    Greenhorn has too much time on his hands! Fml
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    Late season archery elk

    Do some diggin in your area and give an outfitter a shout. I bet you could find one willing to pack you in and be on speed dial for a pack out.. glad to see you guys planning a cool trip.
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    New Mexico Draw Results Question?

    Goodluck to who drew.. red red red
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    Late season archery elk

    Thats one of the most ridiculous posts ive seen on this forum. Unreal. Dont be a damn troll. Dude wants to talk elk hunting.. grow up.
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    Late season archery elk

    Calling can still be good before the first rifles crack. But i would prob utilize spot and stalk and slip in when you can. You will find some bigger bulls in oct. with a lil snow/from my experience. Rut can be pretty intense still also.. lotta variables there.
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    Greenhorn, can i buy you lunch at famous daves? Would love to get you in my elk net!... pm for details ;)
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    Ohh finally something good to read.
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    MT 2020 it has begun!

    General tag again... prob should put down the oreos and figure out life. Heard that elk will prob rut in august this year.
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    New Mexico Draw Results Question?

    Oil is $20/bbl...oil companies filing bankruptcy... got baby on the way... and im like fug it, give me a muzzleloader and new mexico please!