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    2018 Archery Elk Hunt (video)

    ZzTop flinging arrows!
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    makes me laugh

    Video.... or it didn't happen.
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    Best bow sight

    Black gold 3 pin/slider. 20,30,40 and dial out to 100... by far the best setup ive used. If you need to dial, usually you have enough time to range and send it when past 50+ yards
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    Tell us about your elk failures

    Im successful on every hunt. Usually notch my tag when they come in the mail. I like to pick the 10th because its my favorite number. I feel bad for all you losers.
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    Bull Elk This Morning

    Fuggin rags!!!! So cool :)
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    Hunting packs that fit petite women

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    CVA Paramount

    I killed a good bull in AZ with mine this year. Pretty sweet rig. I have shot it out to 500 and its been sub MOA... only with a dirty barrel though! I love tinkering with it and knowing i can still get her done long range. The weight isnt an issue as some of my long range rigs are 12+ lbs...
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    Dyrfey hills montana

    Wolves have over run that place... hunted it in 09’. Grizz tore our tent down on day three. Wolves howled nightly. What a waste of time.
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    Hunting Partner

    Interested..... how much can you bench press, whats your camo pattern, and who shoots first?
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    AZ Late Muzzleloader

    Congrats on the bull man! I had my hands full packing mine out solo.. so i am not one to judge. :) feel free to post up a photo would love to see him.
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    AZ Late Muzzleloader

    Bigbear were you the one packin out a bull with the sled?
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    AZ Late Muzzleloader

    This was checking zero after the flight. Notice the first shot with a sparkling clean barrel.. then a 2 shot group @ 300.
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    AZ Late Muzzleloader

    98 grs/weight of blackhorn 209 280 gr. powerbelt ELR - designed for the Paramount
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    Truck rentals?

    Enterprise - i always go with the f150 eco boost. I beat the PISS out of them!!!! Hate fords but are great rigs haha usually 4-500 for a week. Not bad in my book. Gave the enterprise manager in AZ some elk jerky and got 3 free days
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    AZ Late Muzzleloader

    Im shooting CVA’s .45 cal Paramount. It has a collapsable ram rod due to the internal chassis.. thing shoots sub MOA out to 450 yrds. Kind of crazy! **With a dirty barrel