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    11 month wait

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    11 month wait

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    11 month wait

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    11 month wait

    The next morning we saddled up and head as far back as we could go on the high ridge. Running out of trail and getting into the nasty deadfall we took off on foot. Glassed some elk up high and sat there waiting to hear some bulls fire up. By 2 PM we dumped off the furthest ridge and ended up 1k...
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    11 month wait

    So we headed out the 5th to pack in that afternoon, which gave us a whole day before season to see what the elk were doing and if they were bugling yet in this area.. with that being said we had alot of country to cover. I took my cousin with, who has never been on a backcountry style elk hunt...
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    11 month wait

    Just got back to civilization. Had a great hunt, learned, made memories, and killed a bull! Im no writer but will make time to throw a story together. Hope everyone is getting sore legs, drinking whiskey by a fire and having fun :)
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    11 month wait

    Well, i just left the house. Trucks loaded up, heading west! Packing in 9 miles today for MT archery elk opener. Been a long off season for my whole family/wife especially..... goodluck to everyone! Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge swapping we’ve done over the past year.. hoping to...
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    Opening Day Bull

    Thata girl!
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    Opening day New Mexico! Big Bull Down!

    Jesus, we need season to start already.
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    Elk 2020

    Yes, but no need for multiple points... always has a chance at drawing with none. Worse case jump over to ID. But i would def apply for MT before any other. Sorry for not being clear.
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    Elk 2020

    Montana..... close to home for us and longest seasons. Im taking all of sept off this year.
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    Crispi Nevada Legend 9.5

    Best boots ever! Id but them but wrong size / cheap and great buy
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    Elk packouts

    I like talking to guys about pack outs... then take then hunting the next year. You get to really know what there mile is, compared to yours. Last year my bull took 4 hrs to go down to the kill sight from the top of the ridge, then from the kill site back up to the top of the ridge... 1k...
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    Archery - Montana 392

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    I'm 20 years old. What's your excuse?

    I remember my first beer.