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  • I will be hunting unit 52 , mobility impared muzzleloader bull , we are right up along the Colorado border just east of Chama New Mexico. I have hunted this same unit the last 4 years and have taken 4 bulls, planning on making it number 5 this year.
    I think you should look at the cooney prairie side of black mountain in that bigger canyon that runs east and west, there is water there but you will have less competition on that side and you have all the area you can walk
    Morning Thomas, on google earth it shows roads that dont exist anymore,or they are pipelines. it shows a road going across cooney prairie and that road isnt there anymore, the road along the southend of cooney goes farther south along the tree line towards the wilderness boundary and it deadends, dont rely on those maps as Gospel, they arent. I`ll help you as much as I can, Steve
    Study those google maps, there arent that many roads there in that unit and if you like to be out away from everyone,concentrate on black mountain, most people wont venture to the back side of the mountain, there is a really good tank just south of cooney prairie in the wilderness unit also, great place to intercept the elk heading to feed out in the prairie
    I think that 16C is a great unit, on the south end of cooney prairie there is a tank there, on the east side of black mountain there are quite a few tanks,you will have to check those out, we found water in most of the tanks last year when we were there, if you look from the west into cooney prairie there is a draw where it goes farther back than the rest, we have watched elk come out of that draw every evening before dark and the son also killed a cow in that draw back by the timber, check out google earth,Steve
    take a look at Black mountain, southwest of Beaverhead fire station, you are right on the edge of cooney prairie and the wilderness unit, Talk to ya later, Steve
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