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    OnX game layers for CO gone?

    I noticed this a few months ago. Not sure why they are no longer there.
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    Drawing New Mexico just got harder, Even if only by a little.

    Points systems grossly work in favor of whoever is able to get in early. Look around the west and see how the points game has made “dream hunts” simply unattainable for someone just getting into the game in states like CO, WY, and UT. I’m 24 years old, If I wanted to draw 201 in CO from the...
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    Well There Goes Idaho

    No room for nuance with some folks.
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    Today I turned 30 pounds of elk meat into 11 pounds of elk

    OP enjoys killing livestock from game farms and passing it off as fair chase I believe.
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    My 2019 Montana deer hunt

    Hell of a deer. Congratulations!
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    Left handed rifle suggestions

    I think you hit the nail on the head. .243 through the boiler room will kill a critter a helluva lot faster then a .338WM through the guts.
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    Left handed rifle suggestions

    I love my .308 Tikka T3x. Some people don’t like the safety on it but I don’t mind it. It’s been a great gun for me so far. Brownings have a great reputation as well.
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    Waders that don't suck?

    I’m going on year 7 in a pair of Lacrosse neoprenes. I duck hunt areas with tons of buck brush and other things that are hard on waders and they haven’t failed me other than a very slow leak in the crotch that only leaks if I squat in a sitting position. I’ve tired of the neoprene on my hip...
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    MeatEater Season 8 - SPOILER ALERT

    I was disappointed in only 8 episodes as well but to be fair in the last year they have really ramped up the amount of YouTube content they put out on a regular basis. Most of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I was also pretty disappointed there wasn’t as much emphasis on cooking this season.
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    2019 WY Sheep

    Glad the hunt seemed to be everything you could’ve hoped for. Congratulations!