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    California Bans Trapping

    I know what EC was originally intended for. Doesn’t mean it’s effective or functions as intended today. The little guy still doesn’t have a say unless they’re part of the majority party of a particular state. Electoral College is just as broken as a popular vote would be. The election is...
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    California Bans Trapping

    Liberals have won the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. It’s not unreasonable a bit to believe the country is not majority conservative.
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    Wyoming Unit 10 Mule Deer

    You probably have your own preferences but I have a few from Rugged Maps and they seem legit. Good customer service as well.
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    The Blitzkrieg continues

    How does this guy still have an account?
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    Tennessee please

    I live just East of Jackson in West TN. If I had to pick anywhere else in the state to live it would probably be the Manchester/Tullahoma/Shelbyville triangle. Fair amount of public land hunting opportunities by eastern standards for white tails and turkeys. Good population of black bears in the...
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    Best paper map to order??

    I got one from Rugged Maps last year and really like it. Great customer service as well in my experience.
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    Latest Thoughts on Tents?

    Last I checked Big Agnes has an REI exclusive offer with the Windy Point tent. I got a 3 person with the footprint and it was under $200 total. I’ve only got 3 nights in it so far but it seems well made to me. They’ve got a 1 and 2 person as well. I’ll drop the link below...
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    HT Antelope/Deer ID deer hunt

    I very well may be interested if I don’t draw elk in New Mexico as all my hunts I put in for there are the archery seasons. It would be a haul for me from TN but what you’re describing piques my interest quite a bit. I’ve rifle hunted both species but haven’t with my bow, maybe I wouldn’t be an...
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    Anxiously awaiting Wyoming Non-Res elk drawing results...

    Wow. Any idea how many individuals recognized that loophole and used it to actually harvest a mature bull?
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    Anxiously awaiting Wyoming Non-Res elk drawing results...

    Whoa. How was that happening?
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    Solving Point Creep

    Big Fin has lots of points in lots of states. Even prior to cashing in large numbers of them on his CO Elk hunt and Utah Bison he stated many times he’d gladly give them all up for a random draw for all. Someone being anti point scheme doesn’t always mean they are low on the points totem pole.
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    Pelosi - Next Pres Could Declare Gun Emergency

    But I came here for the pitchforks and stuff!
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    Turkey hunting in Tennessee?

    I’ve deer hunted Cheatham. Really nice area, I enjoy it a lot. It is fairly “rugged” by Tennessee standards. I usually see turkey sign but haven’t seen many birds. Doesn’t mean they aren’t there, I’ve just never been there looking for them. Can’t speak for what pressure is like during spring...
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    2017 Grizzly

    Congrats! Sounds like an amazing experience. Interested in hearing how the meat turns out.
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    Report out

    Very sad. Feel so terrible for MU’s family. I hope they’re doing as well as could be expected. The client as well. IMO it’s easy for us to armchair what he should have done. But I don’t think any of us that haven’t been in a situation like that know how we would truly react. If I had to guess...