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    They don't have to be hungry

    They were fasting again this year but it did not save them. Best of trip was 24", LOTS OF 22-23" White bass galore to make for good viewing, Huge spawning 10" + sunfish were there to bite your fingers if you trespassed in their circle of the nest. Thermo was shallow at 10-12' which made for...
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    Shed hunting article advice.

    Don't forget a paragraph or two on the party balloons captioned pics are the best...
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    Shed hunting article advice.

    gee G(R)OUCH... great help on the editing, got any input on the content????
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    Dog owners- what do you do during elk camp?

    I like my dog she makes me happy, happy squirrels are harder hunting squirrels, harder hunting squirrels are more successful squirrels... Id much rather have my dog around on a hunt than my wife, way less barking and whining. Sounds like a lot of you guys have very poorly behaved dogs, and...
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    What happens when a mature billy is removed from an area?

    One additional point after re-reading your original question you use "big" and "Mature" somewhat interchangeably, they are not. Mature billies will often be in a group of up to 10 with a pecking order and social structure and would likely behave differently than "big", upon removal of the...
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    What happens when a mature billy is removed from an area?

    When the group of billies gets wiped out it will still be billie country later, Ive seen it but have no idea why other than maybe they had some transient billies that were not part of the group when they got blasted to oblivion. Or maybe it is just perfect for a bachelor hang out, I dunno. I...
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    Colorado Sheep/Goat/Moose Draw Results Thread

    Took it easy and gave yall a chance this year. Next year I will draw the 4th sheep and 6th goat tags, the gloves are off. Sure does make planning easier for all the other stuff though!
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    Anyone making their sheds into stuff

    Those are just a few in addition to most of what guys have shown above.
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    I Once Lived In A Free Country

    Not in my state shut her down with pay put in communal day care with meals, (that makes perfect sense) of course we have mandated closure of church and gun stores and mandatory opening of recycle centers and reefer sores... guess which color state we may be based on that.
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    I Once Lived In A Free Country

    I believe we now have an answer to this, it is YES. Dont you worry the gov't is doing just fine... teachers not working with pay of course, essentials on duty not doing anything putting in some long hours for time/half. About 7-8 days ago this crossed over from being a biological problem...
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    No atheists in foxholes apparently

    Pence now says grocery has a DUTY to go to work. I've been wondering if the national guard would be manning the supply chain or holding guns on those that are, I think the decision may have been made.
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    Elk bedding

    I agree with diamond hitch an elk ledge for sleeping is often 4" bigger than the elk and in any but the most extreme cold will be cool or cold compared to everywhere else. Many times elk herds bed over hundreds of acres, the bulls being on the other side wherever that side is.
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    Moose Snot and Grizz Cubs...

    It does focus the mind in a way that to understand you must be there, and I would imagine it helps to only be holding a bow. One of the funny side stories that did not make the editorial cut was a couple night after i had my grizz encounter some nice folks down the road had me over for grouse...
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    Moose Snot and Grizz Cubs...

    I think you can search here "by author" I'm pretty sure at least one is here from a "coulda" hunt where I passed with a bow, no dead sheep but a great adventure. There are now 4 on the wall and the stories are written, not sure how many I put on this particular web site. You may like the...