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    Let's see some Mule Bucks

    Lots of great bucks!
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    Rain shells

    I looked around as well, nada. I wonder if some google work on the MVTR #s might yield info on it by another name. I can’t fathom it’s entirely proprietary.
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    Fix your regrets!

    At least Pu94 is probably in stock.
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    Spring Bear Series

    I don’t necessarily disagree, I just think it’s relatively very easy to hunt-out bear spots.
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    Favorite Backpacking Meals

    A thing of summer sausage and a hunk of cheese. Candy. Fruit flavored drink mixes, Nuun and the like.
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    Who has a trimming method that they like?

    There are services you can ship it out to for trimming. Maybe not worth it if you use inexpensive brass, but for high end stuff I wouldn’t rule it out.
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    Best card games and board games to occupy our time

    Catan Carcassonne Tenzi is a favorite of my younger kids
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    Wyoming Seasons

    Buzz or JM could provide more long term and specific answers to your question. I watch a decent % of meetings, but not all.
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    Wyoming Seasons

    Largely yes, pending public comments from crazy moose lady or others. Occasionally a commissioner will have a pet unit or allocation they’re particularly familiar with that will result in some change.
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    Corona virus Impact on draw odds

    My hunch is you’re right on end tags will end up with close to normal odds with some dropping out and some jumping at a chance. It’s the mid/low tier tags and leftovers that I think will see a big drop in apps. It will be fascinating to see how it shakes out. There’s really no...
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    Shelter-in Places

    I made my rare foray to the store today and your photo reminds me I forgot coke to go w my bourbon. Shame.
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    Bitterroot Bears

    Lots of hippy chicks on the west side a la greenhorn’s goat hunt, look out for trail side yoga.
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    Will market volatility and or heath concerns with the virus influence your western hunting plans

    It seems unfair to dismiss someone’s sadness and concern about a disease, when those exact concerns are the point of the thread.
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    Best online store for reloading components

    My top picks in order. 1)Powder Valley 2)Midsouth 3)Midway 4)Grafs Powder Valley is old a little old fashioned even with a brand new website, but they almost always seem to have the best price on components. They have promo deals pretty often as well.