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    “Custom” rifle build

    Personally for a $2,000 budget I'm not sure custom action work is really worth it. Metal work is going to eat up a big percentage of the budget, and IMO a $400-$500 stainless 700 donor action isn't that great of a value when a 7mag stainless Tikka is like $800 tops. I'm not against a custom or...
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    Sako Finnlight 6.5 Creedmoor

    I was meaning EuroOptic compared to local stores but yes.:)
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    That is gold. That SOB has R3 locked up for us, I'd say we're set.
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    Sako Finnlight 6.5 Creedmoor

    Sako .264's are twisted right, should be a snazzy rifle. A hundred bucks or two is a small price to pay in the life of a rifle to have it just how you like.
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    Jojo Rabbit

    I get your drift, it’s The Big Lebowski for me. I’ll watch Jojo Rabbit one of these days, probably wait till my wife is out of town, not here type of thing.
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    “Custom” rifle build

    Wow that’s crazy. Last Manners I ordered was on the ready to inlet list, I got spoiled!
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    “Custom” rifle build

    But overall for the dollar the Fieldcraft is gonna be real tough to beat.
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    “Custom” rifle build

    Manners EH5 would be my personal pick for a thumbhole hunting stock. It comes standard w/ cheek hardware now for $1K but I’d forego it and save $350 or so.
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    Fixed power scopes 6x end of an era?

    SWFA 6x is good if you spin turrets, but if a 6x42 Leupold is too big, it’s not going to be what you want.
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    Thinking of moving back, Harley

    I can like the seafood on the gulf coast too.
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    Thinking of moving back, Harley

    No appreciable amount of public land, no mountains, high fence zebra ranches, scorching hot, 30 million people, all of which are convinced it's the best thing ever...sounds great! :D If you had the coin or family ties to own a GIANT piece of land it could be cool.
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    What do you shoot? Let's see 'em

    Me: 6.5C, 6-250, 17 HMR (rifles)——22 LR, .40 S&W (handguns) Kids: .243, 22 LR I strive for efficiency, and have found I don’t have time to properly feed and care for more than I have at the moment, other than a few shotguns that have come and are currently gone.
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    The Bureau of Land Management wants to go back to the Dust Bowl era

    Where’s a good stay sharp tutorial when you need it.
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    Cabelas Euro HD 10x42

    This is a good deal.