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    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    Ray, Way to many great warriors still on duty at the alter of Freedom!
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    Swarovski vs Other Top Tier Optics

    VX6 HD in whatever power/ configuration! Leupold. Probably in the $1500+ range & spend the extra on bino/ spotter!
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    Alaska moose adventure

    What a stud of a bull! To say well earned is an understatement! Congrats!
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    NV Antelope with Big Fin

    Ray, congrats on a great Antelope! I watched it last night and really liked the interaction with Randy and yourself! The shot of your wrist bracelet of your battle buddy hit home, my son wears one with three names on it! 🇺🇸 Thank you for your service!
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    live+work in Cali but own ranch out of state

    I live in central Calif and I and a partner have property in Montana. We hunt there 3-4 weeks, go out at least one week a year to work on the property. More important we hunt as non residents by the book! We have made friends in the small town close by and try to support there businesses if...
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    How’s this for a CO Shiras.... is he a record

    He's at least 45+ " a stud!
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    Browning BPS Jam

    Mine too, but it might need a good cleaning also
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    Euro Mount while out of state

    I use a cordless drill and one section of a shotgun cleaning rod with a 12 gauge cleaning brush is reverse! It really helps if you slow boil the skull first. Be sure to wrap the antlers with foil.
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    Gauze or No Gauze

    I always carry gauze and a tube of super glue both can save your life!
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    Montana Moose Big Hole District #327 Advice

    He'll need a lot of help if he connects on a bull! Moose can be very elusive, staying high if possible to glass and located then calling, raking to attract them! Keep us posted please!
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    new rifle. rem vs weatherby vs ???

    Have you looked at Proof Reasearch?
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    Relapsed western hunter

    Welcome to the forum!
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    New member from Oregon

    Welcome and Great into, except the part about your injury. O. That I hope you have a speedy recovery. " Endeavor to Preservere "
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    Guided Hunts--when would or have you done them?

    I've done two guided hunts for moose in northern BC. I did my research and broke it down to three outfitters. I had face time with each and chose the best now outfitter/ friend. I'm trying for another hunt with my son in 2021! My best advice is that animals that can take a lifetime to draw and...
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    First Moose Hunt

    If buying Kenetrek gaiters id recommend having the strap reenforced where it's attached. I had one fail in BC. I wear KUIU gaiters. I'd also get some quality game bags, moose quarters are large😉