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    Thinking of rechambering my 7mag.

    If you’re going to re-barrel it look at Proof Research carbon fiber barrel! Personally I wouldn’t do a thing!
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    Predator Optics

    I’ve bought three scopes from Pat, and a few friends also!
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    Whole quarter

    I used to do a flip / flop bbq with a whole hind qtr. on a Webber bbq. I’d let it cook on one side for awhile flip it and slice off some meat. Just keep continue flipping it.I did it as an appetizer. Try it you‘ll like it!
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    Update to Elk Poaching in Musselshell County Montana

    I hope the judge and jury enforce our laws!
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    WTS Tikka T3X CTR 24" 6.5 Creedmoor

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    My Black Friday Special.

    Congrats on a Very special delivery!
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    Predator call. Wolves, coyotes

    You may also want to try and snare them also!
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    Big Sky Billies and Blunders

    What a hunt! The injuries will heal and your goat will be there forever along with the memories! How about a picture of the gun. The main thing is that you’re ok!
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    Why I go to "Church"

    What an adventure! As chief Dan George said “ Endeavor to Persevere” congratulation.
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    411-20 elk tag

    Love it when a plan comes together! Congrats!
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    Late Wyoming Elk Success

    Great story and Bull! Congrats
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    New from Montana

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    Retirement Hunting Adventure

    I did a combo hunt in northern BC with Stone Mountain Safari, great outfittter and crew. It was a horseback hunt and I drove there from central Calif. I did take a moose, elk were in the area but never found a six pt. bull. It is adventure that every hunter needs to do! I've been back on a 2 on...
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    Kenetrek Size Advice

    When trying on any mountain hunting boot like the Kenetrek mountain extremes where the sock/ sock combination that you'll wear in the field! My Kenetrek mountain extremes are a size 13, I wear a silk liner and rei expedition sock, I never deivate! Mine are 5 plus years old, they've been to BC...
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    Kifaru Universal Gun Bearer

    I just tried mine out while hunting in Oregon, I liked scope down but didn't like the scope rubbing on my hip belt pouch. Hands free is a great feeling though. I did switch back to a sling for the rest of the hunt. To me it's workin progress!