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    My Father's Cruise...

    These ships were supposed to-dock at 1pm eastern time. I hope they are well and safe now.
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    Down vest vs down jacket

    Kuiu’s down vests & jacket both stuff into either hand pockets. I have both and depending on the temperature determines which I wear.
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    Anyone else have giant feet? Boot options

    I’m 13 wide and I wear Kennetrek Mountain extremes and I’m on my 6th year of these boots. I did change insoles to super feet orange. My sock combo is a silk sock liner and rei expedition sock, I Never mess with the sock combo! Best of luck!
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    Pyramid Lake, NV

    I heard they closed the lake because of Corona 19 ?
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    Best way to spend $1200 and the kid's $500

    Put it the bank, unless you really need it to pay bills!
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    Uncle Larry - Our Best Outtake, Ever

    Uncle Larry just keeps it real! I’m still laughing My head off! Larry is a true American hunting treasure!
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    New Guy from Ca

    I’m in Oakdale😂
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    New Guy from Ca

    Welcome from another Ca hunter.
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    The taxidermist called....

    I like the mount I did one like that a few years ago.
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    I had a set fail miserably in BC. I bought a pair of Kuiu’s gaiters, buy once. If you have a pair, take to a shoe cobbler and have the straps reenforced! getting them tight around your leg is an issue also.
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    2018 Elk Back

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    What are you currently reading?

    Just finished CJ Box’s newest book “ Long Range” excellent author! It does get western!
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    Semi auto shotgun

    Beretta A 400, buy once!
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    Best rewards credit card for hunters?

    No, but how much does it cost you in interest for that 2%.