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    A good day on walleye.

    Wow, those are some nice fish. I need to try for them sometime. The only ones I have caught have been while crappie fishing.
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    Got close today

    Probably the last ones this spring from the bank. Rain coming in tomorrow and I have to go back to work Monday. At least we ended strong with another limit
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    Got close today

    A quick 15 before the rain came in today
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    Family Bluegillin'

    Great times and a nice mess of fish
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    Puppy pic. thread

    Look at that face, what a cutie
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    Nebraska Merriam

    Fantastic! Nebraska is on my short list. Would of took my son up there this year but they stopped non resident sales. Maybe next year
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    Just a fun day of crappie fishin'

    Fantastic. Slow day here in Missouri
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    Got close today

    Only 8 big males before the rain. But still a fun couple hours
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    Ditch Pickle!

    I call them green carp. It always gets a rise out of the bass fisherman
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    Got close today

    You are correct it is not LOZ. Funny thing is my boy and I found these 2 coves out mushroom hunting and this is the first time we have fished them. They are well worth the walk
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    Those are some nice ones
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    Got close today

    You from Missouri too?
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    Got close today

    21 to start the day. I took a friend and his wife that I am getting into the outdoors. I took him antelope hunting last year and he harvested his first animals 2 doe antelope. Showed them how to clean the fish and they took them home. Momma and I went back and caught 3 more slabs before dark...
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    Walleye and crappie dinner

    Never tried the Lefty’s. Always use Andy’s Red here. But I like trying new fish breading
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    Cushday Jumbos

    I have never caught any yellow perch. I hear they’re fantastic to eat