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    Assorted meats

    Trying to get to the nerve up to try and do some corned antelope roast myself
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    Campground near Casper

    Thanks guys. Alcova looked great to me but looks like we are staying at Fort Casper campground. I'm just ready to get out there
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    Wyoming Bound

    Fellow Missouri guy headed that way on 9/21. Can't wait
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    Campground near Casper

    Sound good. I hope you guys fill your tags.
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    Campground near Casper

    Thanks everyone WildWill we will be out the week of September 22. If you see a green F150 or a white F350 flatbed with Missouri Tags stop and say hello. You guys have me thinking about a fishing licenses and I keep thinking about those sage grouse
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    Campground near Casper

    Hunting unit 72. Never been up there before. Taking a couple guys on their first hunt out west and one on his first hunt period. So I’m mainly coaching but glad to do it.
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    Campground near Casper

    What are some good campgrounds near Casper? Need to park a 30' trailer and pitch a tent. Thanks for any help
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    Wyoming Leftover Draw Results

    No luck, Thusby drew my tag. lol I would love to find a place to use some of those type 8 tags.
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    Fishing for prehistoric dinosaurs day 1

    You should of seen my boys face as he turned to me and said "Dad they are going to eat a drum" it was funny. My hat if off to you guys snagging from the bank. The spoonbill snagging here in Missouri is pretty serious stuff
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    Anyone else got their fingers extra-crossed for the leftover draw in Wyoming?

    I am. I could use a couple more does for the freezer. The boy didnt get a deer last year and the rain ruined our crappie fishing this year. The freezer is getting low
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    New Pup

    That's a really good looking pup
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    Breed help

    There are some heeler sheltie cross pups kinda local that look cute as can be. Might have to go look at one
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    Breed help

    This will be a family dog. I would love a working dog but don't have the time for a bird dog or the places to hunt. The bad thing about shelter dogs in my area is they are almost all pit bull mixes. My daughter likes the corgi and has mentioned them before. What does one look for in a corgi...
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    Breed help

    The wife and kids 10,12 want a dog. It would be a family dog and in the house. That being said I'm not a fan of big dogs in the house so looking for a small kid friendly dog that's not a foo foo dog. Ive always had brittany's and one beagle. The beagle was great until she got hit by a car. We...
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    Surprise in the beaver trap

    That's awesome