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    New arrows

    Ashby Reports You definitely need to consider stiffening your arrow if you have a weaker spine (more flex). All the spine charts don't show the kind of weight up front you need to increase FOC >15%. I'm just starting down the road of high FOC. Up until now, I was shooting a 400 spine arrow with...
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    Colorado Results?

    Guess it's trickling in. I'm in limbo still. Maybe NR are last...
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    Bighorn pandemics

    In keeping with the comparison between SARS-CoV-2 and BHS respiratory disease, here is a nice complement to Oak's link to the Nature paper. It displays the genome sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus strains and how they've moved about the globe. Graphical consequences of our well-connected...
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    Colorado Results?

    I do every year, at 3+1!
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    Womens hunting boots

    I order from REI, try on, and if it doesn't work I return them to the nearest store (70miles). The local selection is not good, but you can get lots online.
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    Bighorn pandemics

    I definitely agree. We may see even more parallels as this unfolds. Research is being conducted on how environmental conditions may impact cilia function in human airways, and our ability to remove pathogens we inhale during the day. One of the most important pieces of research in bighorn...
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    Side Sleeper Bags

    I switched to a quilt.
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    Deer special archery wy ?

    Some units allow archery seasons on both General and Type 1 licenses (tags), given you have purchased the archery permit. You can find the dates and valid units in the table they publish every year. In Wyoming, you do not need to purchase a separate hunting license.
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    Adventurizing my Tacoma

    Sweet rig. That bumper is slick. How's your MPG compared to stock version?
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    New Lift and Bumper!

    Pics and specs? I'm thinking about doing something with mine.
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    Wasatch Elk Hunt

    Also, I would suggest calling the wildlife bio for the area you plan to hunt. I had a great conversation with the bio there, and he was very helpful. I gave him the parameters of what I wanted out of the hunt and he gave feedback on spots I had picked out e-scouting and suggested others to look at.
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    Wasatch Elk Hunt

    Jump on Utah DWR's website and interactive map. They'll have some info on your elk hunt, they typically list the popular spots and discuss access a bit. Can't help you with the early season, but I had a deer tag in Wasatch in 2018 and spent a some time there. It's got plenty of roads in the...
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    Idaho Mule Deer hunt

    This is great advice. Bring good optics, including a spotter. Also, get on IDFG's website and go through the statistics on the units you're looking at. The interactive map is pretty good and will show you the roads, trails, wilderness, etc. That might help you get a flavor for each unit, and...
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    Spotting scopes

    I've never compared the two side-by-side. Seems like when you get into the upper end Kowa, Leica, Zeiss, Swaro you can't go wrong and have to look hard to find any negatives. Mostly a size and weight thing and what fits your style of hunting, and budget.