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    Montana WMA Opener

    A lot of the WMAs get poached early
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    Montana Moose Sheep and Goat results!!

    42 years applying for Sheep and never drawn?
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    Thats a true friend
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    Montana September rifle hunt (HD 150)

    Sounds like hes the guy to ask about where the elk should be
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    Fat kids LOVE chocolate......

    I like the color on that! So you guys were seeing a lot of bears?
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    Montana nonresident spring turkey and black bear hunting suspended

    Devil's advocate...but people all over the country come to Montana to hunt ..some from high risk areas and they spend time in and around a lot of our rural communities. You're right, we have a lot of people from WA and CA already here and Bozeangles is a thing in and of itself.
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    Physical Conditioning @ Home

    I'm working on putting mine together. Going straight crazy with the gyms closed
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    Spring has sprung

    Dang looks nice down there - maybe all of the WA and CA residents flocking to Bozeangeles should head South. We are still in the depths of winter here...
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    Brain tanned bison hide

    Super interesting, was wondering about the softness/pliability
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    I'm sure this "invention" is already in the works....
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    Montana 560 - What are the chances

    Everyone talks about what gear this or what gear that, how much I should lift/run/shoot, if I should wear my cap flat billed, how many stickers do I need to show everyone I'm an elk hunter, etc. Nothing matters if you can't find the elk. Even locals have these same problems you outlined.
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    2020 September Moon Phase Elk Rut

    Both - all September. Pick which dates work best for your schedule and don't overthink it. I would first worry about finding elk before worrying about calling them in.
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    Bear rug

    Chad is the man.
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    Team Bad Decision: An Evolutionary Tale in Backcountry Hunting

    This is next on my list: Heard a few of his stories on a podcast and got me intrigued.
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    My God how outdoor television has fallen.

    I've heard some stories...don't believe everything you see on tv.