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  1. rlmmatt

    Pronghorn Taxidermy

    Here is how ive had mine done
  2. rlmmatt

    Long Drive with High Mileage Truck

    Just got back from 3000 mile trip on my f350 with 340k on it. I wouldnt think twice about doing it again after an oil change
  3. rlmmatt

    My Black Friday Special.

    Congrats to you and your wife
  4. rlmmatt

    Florida Whitetail Scouting

    Another tactic ive seen work is go in to the back side of land by boat . Ive herd dont quote me but the high low water mark is huntable. Ive seen the bucks some people have taken out this way and they were preaty nice deer. Id even say exceptional for florida.
  5. rlmmatt

    New in Miami, Florida and I’m looking for a hunting partner.

    Im always looking for people to go with. I live in central fl but i usually hint out of state. Pm me if interested
  6. rlmmatt

    Cooper/Swaro/Talley - Aargh!

    I think you made a very wise decision
  7. rlmmatt

    Cooper/Swaro/Talley - Aargh!

    There's no way I would chance a hunt of that caliber with known defective gear. Spend the money and put a new scope on it and spend some time to get confidence in it. The last thing you need is that little bird in the back of your head giving you doubts when the time counts or even worse a...
  8. rlmmatt

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    Nothing says you even have to talk politics. I can tell theres definitely a few here i wouldnt want to talk to either but i still enjoy the forum and learn a few things from the contributing members. That being said im sure i could probably learn a few things on this hunt as well as hear some...
  9. rlmmatt

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    Im not ure about convincing but hes definitely alot more respected. My hats off to you big fin
  10. rlmmatt

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    I guess im open minded about things because im amazed at how many people who have never met this guy already have their mind made up that hes bad. I go hunting with people ive never met each year and yes some of them really suck. But ive met some really great people along the way that i still...
  11. rlmmatt

    Hunt with Trump and Teddy!!

    Everyone hear should want to hunt with him. Thats three days of trying to push your ideas and understandings on someone with the presidents ear. You could be the one to help him to the public land cause. If you want to preach it then three days hunting with someone that could due so.ething...
  12. rlmmatt

    Quick Turnaround European Mounts

    How well does this work compared to the turkey fryer
  13. rlmmatt

    White tale guys

    If i get lucky enoigh to shoot a booner then ill take that into accout but to date ive shot nothing close so im not to worried about that going into the mix. I never even looked at that angle of it. Appreciate the thought though, it puts a smile on my face