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    Any recommendation for 30.06 ammo

    I use a Barnes 165 gr TTSX for everything. The round is more accurate than I am. To clarify...I shoot a mid 90s Remmy 700 BDL.
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    Bird dog questions

    Ask them if their Brittanies are American or French bloodlines. The American Brittany breed is a bit different. Larger dogs. They can be a little bigger running. Ask to meet the parents.
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    Your favorite meat, method and seasoning

    For a crowd I go for a braise. A variety of chile powders with Mexican oregano and savory. If it's summer then fresh oregano and marjarom. Ribs if it's a BBQ kind of day. Low and slow on the Weber.
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    It warms my heart to see so many folks pissed

    He tried to do his community service in Wisconsin and got told NO. That was a nice touch.
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    It warms my heart to see so many folks pissed A petition to revoke his business license! Now that's a good way to go about it.
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    Tell me about fletching...both your facts and opinions wanted

    I'm using 3" Q2i Fusion X-II in a 3 Fletch 2 deg helical. Seems to work great. I did up some spare arrows for my boy using the same Bitz jig and clamp but with blazers. That worked well too.
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    Bicycle Trailer

    Keep it simple :). Bob trailers are flat bed/basket style and are similar to a Burley style in cargo space.
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    Bicycle Trailer

    Never tried trailer brakes but not a bad idea. I'd opt for a single wheeled trailer design like the Bob. Pulls smoother without the trailer arm flex of the Burley style. That or just go xtracycle or other cargo bike.
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    Colorado is hitting credit cards for deer

    Yep. I got my email this morning with my results.
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    Colorado wolves

    Saw yesterday that the bill was dropped from the agenda. Too many COVID issues to keep it on for a vote. Kinda changes the ballot item again.
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    Dog owners- what do you do during elk camp?

    Dog stays home. I brought her with me one year and left her with family where I hunt. That didn't work out too well.
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    Sitka subalpine

    I buy whatever pattern that is half off at Sierra Trading Post or at Gene's when I drive through Gunnison on the be way to my sister's.
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Made English muffins for BLT's yesterday.
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    What will the future look like for colleges?

    I don't think college will look the same for a couple of years but I can't imagine them going away all together.
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    Children Don’t Pass Coronavirus to Adults

    If it were true (and I don't for a second believe it is) it would be the first instance of a virus that was discriminatory in regards to transmission.....