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    Howdy from West Texas!

    Welcome from El Paso TX
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    First time Colorado hunt. Gear list check.

    List looks good. Like other have mentioned I would add cots and some sort of insulation to sleep on top of. Mr. Buddy heater will be a great addition along with 20lbs propane tank. Insulated face mask, neck gaiters & mittens made things a whole lot better as well.
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    New from Arizona!

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    Howdy from Central Texas

    Welcome from el Paso
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    Son’s first bear

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    Seeking your input for this enterprise

    All done. Thank you Randy (...and crew) for what you do.
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    New from AZ

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    Howdy from N. Texas

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    First post/first forum

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    Another one of those Arizona guys

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    What's the coolest thing you've ever found, that you weren't looking for, while hunting?

    My buddy found this on our last javelina hunt in AZ.
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    New Base Camp

    Cool. maybe I should stop by Poe Toyota after work one of these days and look around... I work a few blocks away.
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    New Base Camp

    Congrats on the new truck!!! I've been considering one for my self this year. What dealership did you go to? Poe Toyota or Fox Toyota?
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    NM Elk 13 Late Muzzy

    Welcome. PM if you'd like for more info.
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    Midsize Truck Thread

    interesting thread... I was considering a new truck for next year. Currently driving a '03 Tacoma.