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    Butt ugly knife

    I started with a 1x30 and upgraded about 7 months ago to a 2x72. Naturally the 2x72 allows you to grind faster and you get a much broader spectrum of belts to use as well. It doesn't grind as hot and the belts last 10x as long. But you can still turn out nice knives on a 1x30. Here are a...
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    Poached mulie costs $74K

    My partner was one of the officers working on this case... GREAT JOB!!
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    Butt ugly knife

    Before you know it you will be playing with etching blades, stonewashing, etc... it gets addictive. Three different kitchen knives I have shipped out in the last couple weeks. Top and bottom are 1084 and the middle 52100. Top etched/stoneashed, bottom two etched with mustard and red onion.
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    Hunting day pack info request

    I use my Crew Cab as a day pack in the rockies or in Missouri whitetail hunting. It can carry a 7 day wilderness camp load in three load cells and the lid. Like Wlm said, all the big bags cinch down to darn near nothing. I use the gunbearer by kifaru
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    Non resident youth is $8.50 for a Firearms any deer and 3.50 for a second anterless. My pernit is 265 ( up from 225 last year) and 25 for an extra permit.
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    Love a good old anterless hunt. We have filled our freezer with slick heads for the past three years with Whitetail does. We have access to to 4 farms in Missouri where the people that lease the hunting have zero interest in harvesting does and the landowner wants them thinned out. With...
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    Butt ugly knife

    Yep. No one makes a museum piece the first time out. I am by no means a master, still playing single A rookie ball in my opinion, but I will offer this as advice. Take your time and don't rush sanding. This is something that is the hardest to not try to rush. Make sure every scratch from...
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    Knife search - matching an heirloom

    Hey Paul. I make knives as a hobby and would be more than happy to help you out if you wanted. You can PM me if you would like. My prices are far from Custom and they include a hand made leather sheath ( by myself as well). I can make just about anything and if you trace out your current...
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    Couple days in the back country.

    Gorgeous country and great post! I hunted the wilderness areas pretty exclusively since 2015 and I absolutely love it. Since I live out east I truly cherish the time I spend in the mountains. And being 46 this year it isn't getting any easier to keep training, keep weight off, etc... but I...
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    Your Favorite Hand-Me-Down

    I have a few things handed down to me that are outdoor related ( 1941 model 70 in 22 hornet being the first) but just last week I/we received a hand me down from beyond the grave. My brother passed away in 1995 from cancer at the age of 18. He was stricken most of his life with various lower...
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    Testing bullet penetration at the range

    Found it! Left to right, cow elk at 150 yards. Dirt embankment at 100, Dirt embankment at 100. 2850 FPS at muzzle.
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    Testing bullet penetration at the range

    I have a picture somewhere of three 150gr .270 Nosler Partition Golds. One was taken under the hide of a quartering away cow elk at 150 yards. The other two I dug out of a brand new dirt embankment, same speed but only 100 yards. All three retained 85-87% of their weight and all three were...
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    Florida Game Warden Murdered

    That is a tragedy. Pure tragedy. I hope they catch the perps and give them the justice they deserve.
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    Tell me about fletching...both your facts and opinions wanted

    Blitzenberger right helical slight offset here as well since 1997. I was shooting a recurve for a year and decided to go all in. I bought everything. Apple arrow saw, the blitzenberger, cresting machine, dip tubes, chamfering tool, etc... I went back to a compound a year later ( long story)...
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    What's good in your life?

    Coming up on 15 year of marriage that has included 7 houses in 7 different states, 4 daughters under the age of 13, numerous health scares ( wife, myself and my children). My kids love the outdoors, my wife loves that I include them in everything I do whether it is hunting, fishing, fixing...