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    Hearing Protection

    I wear custom ear plugs now but they do not have hearing enhancing. I keep them around my neck and when ready to shoot I slip them in. This works for deer, antelope and the range. Bird and rabbit hunting I don't wear them. Yearly hearing tests " and my wife 😃 " say I should be wearing them every...
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    Finding sage grouse

    I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on finding sage grouse without a dog ? We'll be west of Casper the last week of Sept in antelope 73. I've hunted antelope there before but never saw any birds. Should I be hunting the small drainages that cut through the sage flats and around the stock ponds...
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    Cancelled trips...

    Not hunting but we cancelled our family trip. We were going from PA to the grand canyon then travel up through Yellowstone to Glacier park in Montana and home... 19 day trip my wife didn't feel comfortable with doing. My pronghorn hunt to Wyoming the end of summer is still a go unless I can not...
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    Update - Thoughts/prayers requested

    Prayers sent, hopefully everything is ok.
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    WTB decoy anchors or mold

    Barlows tackle is where I buy my do-it molds for jig heads. Best price I've found and they do have decoy weight molds in a few different types.
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    Boots for Pronghorn Hunting

    I found this guy in Wyoming Sept 28th, snake boots are not a bad idea.
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    Places to stay in WY around antelope unit 16

    We stay at the KOA in Buffalo, nice place with bath houses, water and electric. You need to check out Winchester steak house one night in town, a little expensive but a great meal.
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    Wyoming antelope unit 73

    Welcome to HT. I think its a pretty good unit, you'll see plenty of buck. The doe tags have been reduced by a lot from what I read on the Wyoming Game and Fish site. The camp grounds in the north west are a ways from where I'd antelope hunt. Just camp along a road somewhere would be my advise...
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    I was just basing that off what I'm reading on other sites by people doing penetration tests, patterning, and using the stuff. I shoot 3 1/2 " #5 out of my SP10 99% of the time but was thinking this could be a great shell out of my Benelli in 3". I thought I'd see if anyone here used it, the...
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    Is anyone reloading TSS shot ? I'm reading of coyote at 60 to 70 yards with #2 and turkeys at that distance with #9 shot. I've found some shot but not much in data on loads and ammo is at around $8 to $12 a shot for the 12 gauge. It is a bit pricey to shoot but only pulling the trigger a few...
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    Super zoom Cam or New lense.

    This is a cow moose over 500 yards with the Coolpix900 These guys are 300+ yards I'm a fan of the Nikon, its a little big but its all good. It takes very nice HDR images also
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Mine was boiled for 15 minutes then rinsed and boiled 15 minutes again in clean water before going in the crock pot. The meat was good i’d say close to bear meat.
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    Blue/Dusky Grouse Stories and Tips Wanted!

    I found a lot around 10,000 to 10,600 feet in early October around Teluride and Norwood. When I carried the 22 scouting for elk they would flush before I'd see them. After I killed my elk and got it packed out I took the shotgun. Then they would all just stand around and look at me. Worked out...
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    Shelter-in-place cooking

    Elk neck roast, 1.5 hours on the smoker at 225 and 2 hours in the oven cover in a pan at 230 with a can of beef consume and a half a can of water 👍🏻 Can out pretty good
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    Wyoming cut off

    June 1st