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    Just sent $724.68 to Wyoming for the elk draw.

    Good luck in the draws. My check for an antelope tag in Wyoming this year will be darn near that price 🤦‍♂️
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    options for the solo elk hunter

    I would look at an either sex tag and just go hunt hard. You can make it work, don't over think it. I'd like a bull but I like coming home with something to eat more. I got a cow last year after passing another cow in the morning on the first day. The only help I had with partners was staying...
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    Muck Boots

    Thanks, that’s my go to boot. Guess I needed another set
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    Which WY GMU for 2020 NR w/ (7) Points? The guy with 12 points thought so :unsure:
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    sous Vide Water buffalo

    That looks really good, I have to ask though where did the buffalo come from? I look at Africa hunts and they seem cool but I always thought I couldn't get the meat home ?
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    A Boy's First Buck (Pennsylvania Whitetail)

    Congratulations, thanks for sharing with us.
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    Buying a vacation home

    When I bought "our vacation home" about 4 years ago I gutted it and started fresh. New insulation right to new gas boiler and hot water baseboards, kitchen the 9 yards..... I ended up with a little over 500 hours in that year to get it finished. My wife and kids spend the summers there along...
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    Hummingbird Helix 8 g3n

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    unit 13b arizona mule deer info needed

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    Hummingbird Helix 8 g3n

    I’m looking to sell two hummingbird helix 8s. I’d like to get $650 each. They are brand new with transducer never put on a boat. I bought two of these and two of the 7s and for the size of my console I’m going to use the 7” instead. Figured I’d check here before I have my wife do eBay.
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    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Congratulations, nice buck.
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    cooking duskys

    So what is everyones favorite way to cook this grouse ? I have one being mounted and 2 skinned whole.
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    Colorado 1st Season

    We leave in about 12 hours. Good luck everyone, looks a little chilly Thursday night.
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    3 first timers day-by-day

    Good luck and enjoy your hunt.
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    Newfoundland Moose/Bear-Headed to camp!

    Sorry to hear that, I hope you get a nice one the next few days.