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    Finally made it.

    Great pics. Very cool.
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    This season

    Best of luck to you.
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    Alaska trip with the kids (pic heavy)

    Awesome pics. Looks like the trip of a lifetime right there.
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    National Dog Day

    Here’s my 2 labs, Bailey and Bo. Not at all hunting dogs but great companions.
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    Last cast of the day.

    Beautiful looking fish. Congrats to him.
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    New from OH

    Welcome from Indiana
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    Everyones favorite title, first time elk questions.

    I’m a novice elk hunter at best with only 2 elk hunts under my belt. I do know that a spotting scope would have been useless to me in the 2 units I hunted. I guess it depends on terrain you will be in.
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    Accuracy question

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I definitely have some stuff to work on. Is it ok to repeatedly dry fire my rifle?
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    Accuracy question

    I’ll pay more attention to how I grip it from now on. It seems kinda similar to archery. The farther you back up from your target the more the flaws in your form are magnified.
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    Accuracy question

    More or less horizontal.
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    Accuracy question

    I do like the idea of practicing with cheaper ammo for sure. I’ll try the accubond and partitions one more time to make sure which one the gun shoots best. I feel like I need a little bigger sample size before I settle on one. Any other suggestions on factory ammo to try for elk with my set up...
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    Accuracy question

    I was at the range a long time. The wind was around 5 to 15 mph. Because of the banked sides and hill at the end of the range it kinda swirls.