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    we need a heater for camping

    Are you car camping or backpacking into a remote area? What kinda temps are you talking about? If car camping where you can bring a lot of gear and weight is not an issue, I use a big inflatable air mattress or cot to get off the cold ground. I will also use 2 sleeping bags and nothing really...
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    New from Southern Indiana

    Welcome from Northwest Indiana
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    Just another proud dad !

    That is awesome stuff there. Congrats. Watching our kids success is so rewarding as a parent.
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    Essential Poll

    A Canadian issue ice cold Labatt Blue while floating around on an Ontario lake with my walleye jigging rod in hand. Or perhaps the same Labatt Blue while enjoying a shore lunch.
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    Essential Poll

    The king of beers !!!
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    Birthday buck

    Great story and congrats.
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    Friday Wake Up Tunes

    How have never seen this??? I could watch her dance all day.
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    Greetings from the Yoop

    Welcome from northwest Indiana. Ive spent a lot of time in the yoop over the years. I’ve camped and fished a lot up in the porcupine mountains and lake gogebic. We also used to do a lot of hunting south of escanaba in the town of carney.
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    New guy from Indiana

    Welcome from Northwest Indiana
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    Signing on from Michigan

    Welcome from Northwest Indiana
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    Look who’s picture I saw at Sportsman’s

    i just bought a Howa kuiu in 308 this spring. It was shooting under 2” at 200 yds with factory Nosler ammo. After I got it all dialed in was feeling pretty good about it and then everything fell apart. Couldn’t hit crap with it. Turns the action screws loosened up after maybe 200 rounds. it...
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    A Poll Regarding Bad JuJu

    Definitely keep it. Good Ju-Ju for sure.
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    New Hoosier

    Welcome from porter county