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    Tents/Sleep Systems Emergencies

    Thanks for sharing this Richard. This sounds much like my hunting partners story 16 years ago aside from the fact he did not kill an elk. The closest I have ever come to something like this was in the military but had plenty of resources around me in other people and equipment. As stated...
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    Any Opinions on a Spring Black Bear Hunt?

    Well if you haven't applied for tags yet and don't have points in a state you are gonna have to look at over the counter tags for sure. It is possible you could still get an application in somewhere. Washington applications are still open until the 28th I believe?????? Don't quote me on that...
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    Tents/Sleep Systems Emergencies

    I carried a Walrus tarp set up for years along with a similar mindset and gear when I hunted, regardless of season UNTIL a friend/hunting partner got caught out in a snow storm in August about 16 years ago. He also had the same setup. Long story short is he was "well dressed" with synthetic...
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    Tents/Sleep Systems Emergencies

    rustednuts said: "I would ditch the tent 100%" Honestly I would If I lived somewhere else. Here in the Northwest it's almost impossible to keep anything dry during spring, fall or winter hunting. Ditching an enclosed shelter of some sort is pretty much out of the question in my eyes. I guess...
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    Tents/Sleep Systems Emergencies

    Please read before you comment on your favorite shelter or tent. I would like to start a conversation about backcountry sleep system for ""1 or two nights or Emergency situations"". Many of us find ourselves 2-4 miles or more into the backcountry when we take an animal (Elk, Mule Deer or...
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    First time elk hunter

    Welcome to the forum. Much of your question is really dependent on the hunting situation. If you find yourself in the middle of a bunch of other hunters it can be a problem (bugling and cow calling). The other thing you didn't mention was whether you would be hunting Bulls or Cows. This will...
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    First time elk hunter

    Welcome. Don't close yourself in on Colorado unless it's just a dream of yours to hunt there. Plenty of really good Western states to hunt elk. I would also tell you not to be so hell bent on a bull elk unless it's truly important to you. There are some amazing hunting options in the west for...
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    First Time Elk Hunter

    Hello and welcome to the forum.
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    Buckshot Tires

    Super capable off road tires for mud and swampy areas. Had several sets on a dedicated wheeler (Toyota pickup) 20 years ago. Not a tire for an on road rig at all as they are a wobbly mess, get about 25K miles and just don't have very good road manners at all. My Toyota was a trailered rig so...
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    Finding the best pack

    Be careful with opinion. Fit and comfort are extremely subject to body type and use of the pack. As others have stated, make a post on the forum and see if you can find member close to you on the forum who may be able to help in letting you try on/look at a pack you think you may like. Good...
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    First time hunter

    Hello. I would tell you that "very specific" questions are the way to go on this forum. Don't be afraid to ask even if you think it's dumb. Everything from camping gear to weapons of choice. Try and stay away from GENERAL OPINION QUESTIONS. Once again, be specific and you will get specific...
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    Help me pick a tent We have two of these for spike camps that we take in on ATV's. Although not a tent you would pack in someplace they are not that heavy for what they are and they are bomb/weather proof tents. Had a 8" of snow fall in late Sept one year...
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    first diy

    Sept. Archery Cow tag somewhere. You won't regret it. It will give you the best chance at being in the thick of animals and having a fantastic hunt. Unless you care about antlers and score points? This is what I would do. Where really depends on how much time and money you have, logistics...
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    Lightweight Spotting Scope

    If weight savings is what you are after then yep, that is pretty light.
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    Lightweight Spotting Scope

    So what is your idea of lightweight? What would be your threshold for ounces???? This may help you narrow things down. Personally I have found that any scope of real quality is gonna have some heft to it for the most part.