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    Season’s open in western Oregon...

    Good luck with a buck!
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    Camo vs Solids

    I have taken plenty of Elk and deer without Camo on. Scent control, hearing and movement seem to be the predominant thing that can make or brake a hunt stalk or a close archery encounter. Have collected plenty of gear over the years of all different name brands in Camo for the primary reason I...
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    Can flip up scope caps cause grouping issues?

    Cant see a flip up scope cap having any effect on accuracy.
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    Weather Radios?

    So many ways to receive weather reports these days with cell phones, garmins, hand radios with weather channel, dedicated wether radios and so on. I guess the real question is which one will work best for your location. If where you are hunting does not have cell coverage it may be worth...
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    Range finders?

    First question I have for you is What are you using the ranger finder for and price range you are looking at??????? Archery, Rifle, Range and Target Rifle? Primary Hunting? So much really depends on what you do with it as a primary practice. If it's gonna be a hunting unit primarily and used...
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    Best resource for finding a spot for 37’ travel trailer for CO Elk hunt?

    Not much you can do other than have someone scout for you if you can't actually get there as far as getting into wilderness/FS roads.Even then there is no way of knowing that someone has not taken a public camping spot until you show up. I would hate to find myself in a situation where there is...
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    Trailhead consideration

    Those little fellas have done some damage over the years in Washington as well. We have had some disappointing preparations for the drive home after hunting season. Truck won't start???? Hmmmm? :unsure: Who's been chewing on the spark plug wires??? Never had it happen at a trailhead but in a...
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    New from Georgia

    Welcome to the forum sir. Glad to hear you are back in the game.
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    Cow Calf Hunts

    Some of my fondest memories in over 40 years of hunting have been chasing cows and Spike Elk. Some of the best meat I have ever tasted have come from 2 year old cows and spike Elk. You are discounting some of the best elk hunting, both the hunting and the meat in my opinion. Don't take this as a...
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    Cow Calf Hunts

    My hunting parter and I have had a strategy going for several years now when it comes to out of state OTC tags that may work for you guys. Could save you a ton of money? Both of us are retired and are on a fixed income, both have hunted together for over 25yrs and both of us almost always...
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    Good Day from Wisconsin

    Hey Dave.
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    South Slope Uintas

    I Have no info for you on the area but being your first Elk hunt I would tell you not to worry about cow bull ratios or even how many elk there are. Take the first opportunity you have and fill your tag. If this is your "first" elk hunt you will have plenty more elk hunts to worry about antler...
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    Back up plan for second hunting trip

    What is to keep him from coming with you? Split the cost of the trip and enjoy hunting with another set of eyes, caller, meat hauler and split the meat when you drop the big one. Problem solved. Hunting isn't always pulling the trigger.
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    New one from MINNESOTA

    Welcome to the forum
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    Aerial (Low Altitude) Public Land Access

    Pack one of those little cheesy workout trampolines in your truck :)