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    Harvest Right Freezer dryer

    Has anyone used this for backpacking food prep? $2200 is well out of my price range for a "food maker" but if I hit the mini lottery I imagine this would be great to have. I can think of some great recipes I would love to have in the...
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    Az hit card

    Arizona just released their results!!! Unit 33 December rifle Coues deer hunting this year!!
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    What are your 2020 plans?

    Amended/Final Plans: DRAWS: AZ unit 33 December rifle Coues deer NM unit 16A 1st archery elk CA- bear NV- quail/chukar with my puppy GSP
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    High Country Mule Deer Trip - Lessons Learned

    Had the same plan as you back in 2017...planned to backpack for 7 days with 2 other people into the Frank Church for deer and elk. Camped at the trailhead the night before and it snowed 1.5 feet of snow overnight. We tried to day hunt the area but all the game tracks were leading in a straight...
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    Accuracy advantages of lead free bullets?

    Really depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go... If you are shooting factory ammo less than 500yds, you probably will not notice a big difference in accuracy. If you are an extreme long range shooter and hunt at longer than "normal" ranges, most shooters are using CNC machined...
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    Az hit card

    got hit for deer too! I put in for the best mule deer unit as 1st choice and the top Coues deer unit in December for option #2...with only 4 points! fingers crossed!
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    Shipping sheep and axis meat from Hawaii

    DIY with the help from local knowledge. Have 2 hunt days planned for Lanai then another 4-5 days on Maui (family vacation). Hoping to rent a house in Maui that has a decent freezer.
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    Shipping sheep and axis meat from Hawaii

    Hello, I just booked a unguided Axis and Mouflon sheep hunt on Lanai. I was curious if anyone here has first hand experience shipping game meat back into the lower 48 states from Hawaii? I frequently ship deer meat from NY to CA on Southwest Airlines but was wondering if there's an easy way...
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    Belted mag bulge?

    its been awhile since I loaded my 7mm Rem Mag hot but was your bolt lift heavy when you extracted the brass after firing? I had a problem with a few rounds cracking above the belt after 3-5 firings and lowered my powder charge and switched to a neck sizer...then bought a 280AI.
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    Is a high-end hunting backpack too overkill for camping

    I used my Arc'teryx Altra 65 before I bought my 5500 Exo Mountain pack. To me, 60lbs in my Arc'teryx is pretty uncomfortable. But 60lbs in my Exo feels like what a 30 load is in my Arc'teryx.
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    Thinking of adding a pair of 15x56 binos

    Thanks for the advice everyone. My options for an optics kit would be either: 10x42 Viper HD/ Razor 85mm spotter/ Zeiss 15x56 Conquest OR 10x42 Viper HD/ 12x50 Lecia Ultravid HD (for a lot more money) / Razor 85 spotter. (use the Viper's for backups in the truck) thoughts on those?
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    Current and Hopeful tags of 2020

    Didn't Draw: AZ elk NM sheep NM deer Drew: NM elk Still waiting:(drew a OIL NM elk tag so anything else is a bonus) CA: deer, sheep AZ: deer, sheep NV: deer, elk sheep WY, CO are points for 2020.
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    Nonlead ammunition outreach coordinator for CA 2014-2018 Backcountry Hunters & Anglers CA/NV...

    Nonlead ammunition outreach coordinator for CA 2014-2018 Backcountry Hunters & Anglers CA/NV chapter coordinator 2018-2020 Nevada Wildlife Federation Executive Director 2020-present Grew up hunting in upstate NY and move out west in 2012 to work in conservation
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    Traveling hunter strategy

    I entered the western draw system in 2017 with the hope of drawing at least 1 big game tag in addition to filling the freezer with OTC tags. Here is what I try to make my hunting season look like: (NV resident) Every year: (as needed) Whitetail in NY bear in CA Deer in CA (low success odds but...
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    What’s the perfect big game arrow setup?

    I currently shoot a Mathews at 75lbs with a 635 grain arrow set up moving at 265fps....if I had to re-do it, Id go with a 50gr outsert over the 100gn I have and maybe a lighter arrow gpi... I do like the heavier set up for tuning and having a quieter bow at the shot.