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  • Her daddy sent me this this morning. He takes care of her in the morning while my daughter goes to work at 7 so she can get off early to do the afternoon baby chores. They are a very good team...proud of both. Madden is absolutely crazy about her dad.

    Madden Kate has discovered that she needs to cry when her nana puts her down or when I leave her daycare after dropping by for a quick hug most workdays. My wife is off on fridays so she keeps her all day. Nana is also going to take her to swim classes in a couple weeks...this after working an allnight 10 hr shift in the lab at the hospital. She's pretty crazy about that little gal.
    Gram watches Gracie on Fridays so she called me to see if I could take a quick lunch and run home. She said Grace kept saying, "Pop...Pop....Pop." I walk in the door and she screams, "POP!" Ending up sitting with her eating Cheerios. Here is the pic of *scabby*.

    Hows the rehab going? Gotta love those muscle spasms... I picked up another nice holster for carry. Very convenient and comfortable. CQC Serpa Blackhawk. Bet you may like the options and simplicity to hook to your belt. the release function is well designed. Nothing beats a nice leather paddle - though for day to day use - I really like the cqc.
    I didn't mean anything by my post on Dave Hawk's painting. I had tried to make a joke - not about you, but about 4wheelers (Hondas), but after looking back at it today, it doesn't read how I intended - at all!
    Apologies to you (and Dave if need be).
    Not trying to be smarta*#, just trying to be funny, I'll leave that up to the funny people from now on...
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